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Oct 25, 2007 03:11 PM

KC - Is The American Restaurant Closed?

Website is down and the phone number doesn't work.

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  1. Back in August, I heard that they were going to be closed for a couple of months while they update/repair/renovate the fixtures, but I wouldn't expect them to turn off the phone and website while they do that. You might call the office at Crown Center to see what's going on.

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    1. re: heatherkay

      The American is doing a total renovation of the kitchen. I'm surprised the website is down, though. You'd think there would be some kind of info.

    2. Not to fear. The American is open after the kitchen renovation. We are having some technical problems with the website and it should be back up very shortly. In the meantime, please call to make reservations or get further information. The correct phone number for the restaurant is 816-545-8001.

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        I've been hearing that the dining room is looking kind of "tired"? Any word on that? I'm trying to decide where to have a big birthday celebration and I keep hearing that the American is "stodgy", "old-fashioned" and "tired". Too bad, b/c in the photos the room looks gorgeous and in the photos bluestem looks like a Starbucks.

        1. re: KCyumyum

          I have no idea what the American is doing to the dining room in the remodel, but the old room looked dated. It wasn't run down, but rather decorated in a sort of tasteful eighties style, with gold (brass?) table service and gosh, were the tablecloths mauve or peach or beige? I don't recall, but it all gave me a very 1983, albeit classy 1983 feeling. Definitely not current. The room is very quiet, and the servers practically whisper, and the ceilings are quite high, gosh way over 20 feet? The ceiling has a beautiful radiating wood fixture and is lighted with little twinkly lights--it feels dated, beautiful but just out of fashion. I think the only other restaurant I've seen still with that 80's color scheme is Tatsu's. Anotehr classic, and definitely a place with a different feel, but I think of them both as places you take your sixty-something Mom for her birthday. Does that give you some idea?

          I wouldn't describe Bluestem as like a Starbucks, not by a longshot. Yes, it's on the street, but they have worked to make it feel comfortable. There is dark stained wood and light colored walls, white tablecloths, hardwood floors, dark plantation style blinds on the windows, and large photos of the prairie grasses on the walls. The lounge is a little more cushy, lots of velveteen fabrics and pillows. My dinner there was fantastic, and I think they're largely unparalleled in the area. Unless the American reopens before your dinner, they're probably the best choice. I'll wait to hear about the American's remodel when they reopen.

      2. No I recently had dinner at the American in October. I believe they actually reopened in August. The # above is correct (816)545-8001. The website is down and that is truly too bad but they are definitely open for lunch and dinner.