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Oct 25, 2007 02:34 PM

Halloween-themed food events this weekend?

Does anyone know of any fun events going on this weekend that link halloween and food? Philly or the burbs. Since it has been so warm lately, I'm really looking to do something fun and seasonal. There is a ghost tour in Ambler on Sunday where you get a "spooky" drink or dessert afterwards at a local restaurant and we are thinking of doing that (went last year and it was fun) but are looking to see if there is anything else going on to have a whole Halloween themed weekend!

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  1. A couple I spied on foobooz:

    Trick or Treat at Ansill
    The 3 course menu will be available Mischief Night and Halloween for just $15. eel, beef heart, lamb tongue and more.
    First Course
    Eel and Squid, Squid Ink Sauce
    Second Course
    Beef Heart, Veal Kidney and Bacon Brochettes
    Third Course
    Lamb’s Tongue and Veal Cheeks, Sautéed Pumpkin

    October 30th to November 4th.
    4-course Day of the Dead themed meal for just $35. Add drink pairings to your dinner for an total of $55.
    Birria de Borrego (lamb consomme with chickpeas & rice)
    Pozole Verde (pozole with hominy & seasonal vegetables)
    {drink option: Xochitl Sangria}
    Tamales Oaxaqueños (trio of tamales)
    Tostadas de Ropa Vieja (tostadas with shredded beef salad)
    {drink option: El Chapulin Colorado}
    Pollo con Mole Negro (chicken with black mole)
    Salmon con Mole Verde (salmon with green mole)
    {drink option: Xochitl Margarita}
    Pan de Muerto con Champurrado (traditional sweet bread)
    Calabaza al Horno (roasted pumpkin with piloncillo & cinnamon)
    {drink option: La Bruja del 71}