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Oct 25, 2007 02:08 PM

Help - have to make a Kosher dinner, TONIGHT!

Hi Hounds,

So, we're having friends over tonight and I just found out they're kosher. Not too strict, basically no meat with dairy stuff. But looking for any good recipes anyone may have that won't take all night to cook. Beef, chicken, fish I suppose. Any favorites out there?

PS - I'm a good cook so don't worry about difficulty or fear of new things : )

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  1. What were you planning to make? Do they require kosher meat (it sounds like they don't)? Trader Joe's and some grocery stores, along with kosher butchers, carry kosher meat.

    Dairy is fine with fish, btw.

    You could always grill or roast fish (no swordfish, catfish or shellfish) and then you can make whatever sides and dessert you want -- no worries about mixing meat and dairy.

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      I think this is the way to go - get some salmon fillets, do maybe a wild rice or orzo salad with some goat cheese/feta crumbles/nuts/dried fruit/herbs (or tabouleh?), roasted veggies.

      Fish really takes the "help I have to make a Kosher dinner tonight" craziness out of it!

    2. Any of your favorite vegetarian dishes would work. This is a lovely time of year for butternut squash lasagna or pumpkin risotto.