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Oct 25, 2007 02:06 PM

Where to find instant tea?

I found a chai tea recipe on another board that I would like to try and it calls for instant tea. I never knew there was such a thing and was wondering where you get such an item. I should point out that I haven't left my office since finding the recipe so I haven't actually looked anywhere.
Anywhere downtown or in the westend would be best. I can't see myself travelling all over the city to find this product. I will also laugh at myself if it turns out that it is located in my local No Frills.

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  1. Instant *ice tea* should be widely available, but this probably calls for unsweetened black tea. Where did the recipe originate?

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      Go figure that I can't find the original post. But the recipe is located at
      I think that it is unsweetened black tea that would be required.

    2. T&T sells instant tea. The type I have seen comes mixed with milk powder and sugar so it is literally 'instant'. There may be other types also.

      1. You can use a black tea bag and boil it in the milk and spices if you can't find instant tea..

        1. I think that the T&T stuff might work as the recipes calls for these ingriednts as well. I was hoping to give out batches for Christmas, so just brewing tea isn't really an option that I was looking for.