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Oct 25, 2007 02:04 PM

STL- need a quick bite near the Fox

I need a quick dinner before a show at the Fox. We won't have much time- show starts at 8pm and we won't be able to make it to midtown until at least 6pm. I was thinking Scottish Arms? Any other ideas for a quick meal near by??

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  1. Nadoz or Vito's are close enough that you won't need to move your car between dinner and the show. Nadoz has changed their menu recently, I don't think I like it as much, but it's still a fun place to go that is pretty quick.

    1. If you haven't been there I'd stick to your guns. The Scottish Arms is a neat place.

      You could always head up Washington to the City as well, and get 10th Street Italian or the like. It's really only about a 5-10min.

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        We ended up at the Scottish Arms and we'll go back. It was very good. The service was great. If you go early (before 6:15 or so), you'll have your choice of seats...But by 6:30 there was a wait for a table.

        We tried the Scotch Eggs. My husband enjoyed them, they were good for what they are, I'm just not thrilled with the ingredients. I had fish and chips (featured in Sauce this month), the tartar sauce was great, the fish wasn't greasy at all and it was a very generous piece. My husband had the bangers and mash. He liked them and thought that the sausages were great but the potatoes needed more seasoning.

        We also got the fried Mars bar for dessert. This was a delightful treat! It was almost like funnel cake batter and the chocolate and caramel was nicely melted inside the crisp batter. They serve it with some Serendipity Tahitian vanilla ice cream. The pressed pot of coffee was a steal @ $2.50! Nice and hot and bold.

        Our bill was very reasonable considering we had a beer, a shared appetizer, entrees, shared a dessert and I had coffee too (about $50 pre tip.)

        I'm heading back to the Fox in January to see Wicked with some girlfriends so I can do another dinner before that show (though we won't need to be quite so pressed for time!) So I'm still open to other suggestions. I'll check out the restaurants on Washington. It's hard for me to get my husband "downtown" for dinner so this'll be a great opportunity for me.

        1. re: lrstl

          For the Fox in January, I suggest An American Place: they have an early bird menu called the "market menu", and you need to be seated by 6:30. Your friends will thank you.

          1. re: Doug

            We are going to the fox soon and are thinking about Mangia on grand- the food is always good and the prices are reasonable.