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Oct 25, 2007 01:07 PM

Dogfish Head Locations - Delaware

I am looking to head down to Dogfish this weekend in Delaware, and understand that there are more than one location.

Can anyone suggest which may offer the better beer selection and food offerings? I am sure there is not going to be a bad beer in either location given the quality of their brewings.
Any information or recommendations would be great or insights from anyone that has visited.

Im looking forward to it - thanks.

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  1. The Dogfish brewpub is located in Rehoboth while the actual brewery is several miles away in Miton (they do offer tours). There are also two branches of the brewpub in the DC suburbs. Overall the beer is fabulous but the food mediocre.

    1. Pretty sure the other restaurants (in VA and MD) aren't brewpubs (beer's shipped in from Delaware), so the best one to visit for a meal and draft beer is the Rehoboth Beach one, and then you're not too far from the brewery in Milton to do a tour. Seem to recall they have a pretty complete (tho' confusing) website with all the info'.

      Edit- Looks like Lewes and I posted at the same time. I've only been the original RB facility (was just driving through the area and didn't have time for the brewery tour) and don't remember the food at all but I'd probably agree that it was "mediocre", but, out of accuracy I leave it at "forgetable".

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        We were in Rehoboth for 3 nights earlier this week. Right across from Dogfish is an excellent and interesting Asian/Sushi restaurant. You might want to check out the Brewpub then head to Cultured Pearl for dinner. We also had a good meal at Stoney Lonen, fish dishes 1/2 price on Sunday nights. Enjoy