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Oct 25, 2007 12:58 PM

Room 39 in Leawood

Has anyone been to the new Room 39 and is the room any nicer? Unfortunately I rarely go to the one on 39th Street b/c I find the space pretty yucky. (That grotty brick wall-breaking-through treatment is just horrible. Looks like some cheesy low-budget rock video from the late 1980s).

The decor is barely okay for lunch, but only if we're by the window on a sunny day. Even the children complain. Was hoping the new location would be better? Also, how's the food there?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sorry for replying so late, but we just went this past week, on Halloween, for lunch. The food was fantastic, and the service very good. We were seated in the bar area which seemed a bit quieter than the dining room although there's not much to divide them. (There was a large party, maybe 12-14 women, some in costume, so our experience may have been unusually noisy.) I had butternut squash soup and a salad, accompanied by delicious crusty bread, served warm with room temp butter. We shared a pot of Harney tea and my dining companion had the veggie burger and housemade fries. She enjoyed her burger and she shared the fries, which were a salted and peppered delicious combo of crispy edges and soft fluffy interior.

      The space is painted in four shades, white, turquoise, and two shades of green. The bar is a lovely wood, and the walls of the seating around the bar are beadboard, or something similar. It gives a sort of fake farmhouse feel to the restaurant, which I guess is because it's in Mission Farms. Anyway, it's very Leawood, if you know what I mean, and I don't think you will find anything grotty to offend you.