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Oct 25, 2007 12:56 PM

Wild Oats is closing! Where will I get yogurt now?

Do I have to drive way down to Whole Foods? I live in Fairway. Where else around here can we can good bread, organic yogurt, natural beef and the like? I hate driving all the way down Metcalf just for Organic Valley milk for the kids.

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  1. you can purchase terrific organic and LOCAL milk, natural beef at the Hen House in Fairway- look for the Good Natured Family Farms products (meat. cheese, milk, honey etc) its all LOCAL

    Or try Amy's Meats for good local beef ( she even has a meat CSA program

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      You totally beat me to the punch on that one. You have great local dairy providers in KC. Much better than we have in St. Louis for the most part. I'm terribly jealous.

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      1. Cosentino's in Brookside has organic yogurt, milk and bread. I'm not sure about beef, but we buy Campo Lindo chicken and eggs there. It's quite close to Fairway, at least much closer that Whole Foods, and locally owned.

        1. Are both Wild Oats closing or just the one in Mission?

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            From what I understand, Whole Foods decided to close the Johnson Dr. Wild Oats location because the facility is old and difficult to maintain. (I also think the well publicized rodent problem has a lot to do with it, but they won't say that publicly, of course.) They've said they'll open another location, but they only stipulate that it will be within 20 miles driving distance from the closed location, which of course, could be a good haul depending on traffic, etc. That's not very considerate of Fairway and Mission residents.

            I understand the Wild Oats locations in Leawood and Midtown will just change name.

          2. I second the Fairway Henhouse for eggs, beef, and milk, but their yogurt selection is not great.

            I usually get yogurt at the Hy-Vee in Mission. They've got a special natural foods corner, where they keep the Brown Cow yogurt, and a bunch of other Wild Oats-type products. They've got a bunch of different milks too, including Oberweis which isn't local or organic but actually tastes really good.

            For bread, you can get Farm to Market loaves at Hen House, but I think they usually have a better selection at the Roeland Park Price Chopper, which I've also found to be a much better source of produce (price, selection) than that Hen House. They also usually have GNFF eggs, though I haven't seen the Campo Lindo eggs anywhere nearby besides Wild Oats.

            While I greatly appreciate the quality available at various stores, it's too bad I need to go to 3 to do my shopping. Although, much as I don't like Hy-Vee for some reason, it seems the quality of their meat has improved of late. They've got a pretty nice looking meat counter now.

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              Hy-Vee has weird lighting or something.

              1. re: heatherkay

                Agreed, I don't like the Hy-Vee shopping experience. The people were always pleasant, but the atmosphere was bad.