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Oct 25, 2007 12:35 PM

Evanston Bar / Dinner with TV

Hi All... i am coming home to visit my parents this weekend and am trying to find a bar / restaurant in evanston that would be showing the Big Ten Game on Saturday night. It is Penn State verses Ohio State. Any ides? Thanks so much

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  1. That game will overlap with game 3 of the world series. The Candlelite, just over the Chicago border from Evanston has a bunch of TV's that can be tuned to different channels. If they are not showing the game on one of them, they will usually change the channel for you. The UBaa on Crawford in Skokie (also just over the border), might also be showing the game, just don't walk in there wearing a Buckeye jersey :-) Actually, it is a cool little 1940's time-warp bar with good burgers.

    Ubaa Old Crawford Inn
    9956 Crawford Ave, Skokie, IL 60076

    Candlelite Chicago
    7452 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60645

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      Roger, I love the Ubaa. Family place. Bar. Sports joint. And all at the same time. Great burgers (especially olive burgers). Haven't been there in ages since I moved into the city from Evanston.

      The orginal poster should be warned that Ohio State isn't exactly beloved in Evanston.

    2. How about the Celtic Knot, right in downtown Evanston? My birthday celebration was held there recently so we were in the back room, where they have some tables and a decent screen. Fries and gravy...mmm. Great staff, too.

      This is actually a good topic -- ARE there any good sports bars in Evanston?

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        I'm from Evanston but have never been to the following, but what about the little place in the Orrington that was once The Hut and another time called Coach's Corner or something like that?

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          Is that the Globe Cafe now? They also have an attached restaurant -- think its current incarnation is Blu Sushi Lounge...?

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            It was in the Orrington Hotel and originally called the Huddle. When the Wildcats went to the Rosebowl, they renamed it "Gary Barnett's" in honor of the coach. When Barnett suddenly quit NU for the greener pastures of Colorado, it was generically renamed Coach's [something]. When the Orrington was remodeled, several years ago, it became the Globe Cafe.

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              For others looking for a sports bar - The Globe Cafe is on the other side of the hotel from Blu. It's probably not a bad place to see a game, since you can probably sit in the comfy room on the other side of the bar and have control of a TV. Usually the place is fairly quiet. They have TV's at the bar, but I think they have a 'sound-off' policy, like many corporate places.

              The only true sports-type place in town is Tommy Nevin's, with a back room full of screens, Prairie Moon has one big screen, and a few little ones at the bar. A back room has a few more when it's open. Both of these places have the out-of-sync problem (if Nevin's has their far back room open or if 'The Moon' has tv's on the same station at the bar, you'll hear cheering or boo-ing 10 seconds before you see it on the other screens.)

              Davis Street Fish Market has lots of screens at the bar, as does Pete Miller's in their pool room and Merle's and has a few. Bar Louie have smaller TVs in every corner. A new-ish bar called BAT17 (1709 Benson) has a couple of big screens at the bar. The venerable Keg, has a giant screen in the main room.

              As for Celtic Knot, they have one big screen tv in the back, and not usually on, and then, usually for soccer or some British type sport.

              To bring the subject back to food available in front of these tv's, I'd rate these places in this order from best to worst - Celtic Knot (great wings and other bar food, but again, no tv's at the bar unless there's a big British/Irish game), Prairie Moon (who wins with me for beer selection) Davis Street (for oysters!), Merles (points off for removing all their beer taps, only bottles available), Pete Miller's (too expensive for sitting around watching a game though) Bar Louie, Nevin's.

              It's been 10 years since I've eaten at the Keg, and I haven't tried BAT17's or Globe's food.

          2. Of course this thread is eight years old, but I'm wondering if anyone remembers the china that was used at The Huddle back in the day - bright red/pink cups with a Wildcat and saucers that said The Huddle? I'm part of a group that's trying to research this china. Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way!

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            1. re: pareidolia

              If you haven't already done so, you might try contacting the Hilton Orrington Hotel. That's where the Huddle was located, and they may know something about its history.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                Thanks. I'm hoping there will be some staff there who still remember the good old days and do have a query in to them.