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Eleven Madison Park

Having a meal at Eleven Madison Park this evening. Any suggestions? To go for the tasting menu, or to not go for the tasting menu? Anyone tried the +$150 Alba Truffle selection on the menu?

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  1. I really liked the duck I had last night which was not on the tasting menu...

    1. It's not Per Se but it's pretty good...

      1. The suckling pig is great...also, if the chocolate tart with sea salt is on the menu, make sure to order it. It was phenominal

        1. As tpigeon mentioned, if you don't do the Gourmand menu, the duck for two is not to be missed! I also love Chef Humm's foie gras torchon, which is accompanied by a little dish of to-die-for foie creme brulee.

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            Agreed with RGR on the duck dish! This is THE dish that keeps me going back! I haven't had the truffle tasting at EMP before but last winter the table next to me ordered the truffle risotto and I can tell you that the smell was so great that I almost wanted to steal a bit from her plate~

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              Is the foie gras brulee still on the menu? It's really good but Jean Georges does one even better.

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                The place for outstanding foie gras is at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons.

              1. I am back with the verdict, taken from my blog at http://dru.gobbl.com:

                Ho Hum, Daniel Humm.

                Eleven Madison Park displays all the elements of the New York fine-dining restaurant (from the complimentary amuse bouches, petit fours, and take-home gifts for the ladies), but lacked in overall execution. Dishes that were plated beautifully and looked promising very often fell short of expectations taste-wise. By no means was the food bad--in fact, by normal standards, it was pretty good--but when you're dishing out $95 for four courses, you expect something that'll pop with flavor in your mouth and make you go "mmmmm," at the very least.

                To be frank, I enjoyed the amuse-bouches far more than the actual entrees. Come with eager anticipation for the goat cheese layered between delicately prepared pastry flakes, as well as the macaroons with a foie-gras center. I was quite pleased when my friend Tiffany decided she didn't want hers and was able to gobble (haha) an extra one. Score!

                For my chosen appetizer, I had a duo of foie gras that featured a foie gras pate and foie gras brulee. In terms of taste, the pate wasn't anything remarkable, and you could probably get the same thing at any French deli. I appreciated the brulee, with a crispy-sweet and velvety-savory playing off each other really nicely. Next, came a bouillabasse of prawn, scallop, mussels, squid, and cod. Sadly, the lemongrass broth that the sweet and succulent seafood was bathed in overwhelmed the dish entirely. For my main course, I opted for a lavendar honey glazed duck, which for me, was the best of the 3. Though a little gamey, the crispy, flavorful honey glazed fatty goodness of the duck skin was enough for me to give this dish a thumbs up.

                Items on the dessert menu were far too sophisticated for us and we had a hard time deciphering exactly what "black mission" was. Turns out, it's a kind of fig. Ooh-la-la! Without digressing further, desserts again looked far prettier than they tasted...as were the petit-fours. We appreciated the gesture, though, and left a 20% tip.

                A third of the price of Per Se, a third as good. In my humble opinion, your $120 (with wine) will take you much further at a fine-dining alternative such as Bouley.

                1. Just ate there night before last. I would strongly reccomend the foie gras appetizer, and the duck and/or suckling pig main courses. I think the tasting menu is not necessary. There was no white truffle option on the menu that I saw. The only caveat I would give you is that we had a 6:30 reservation for four and were seated promptly, order three courses each, and didn't receive the check until 10:30!! It's not that the service felt particularly slow, but we couldn't believe that it took that long to eat. We should have been out of there an hour earlier, at the very least.