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Oct 25, 2007 11:41 AM

Is no-knead bread bad for you?

I'm totally addicted to it. I've gotten to be really good at making it. I know it's easy but the better you get at it the better it is.

I notice that it gives me a little bit of indigestion when I eat it. Like a little bit of pressure in my throat. I'm never sure if it's because I eat it too fast because it's so good but it happens pretty regularly.

I also wonder if white flower is just plain bad for you. It's pretty easy for me to eat a whole lot of that bread. Is this going to be super fattening? I wish it wasn't so much fun to cook and to eat.


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  1. eat too fast = indigestion
    Savor it!

    White flour is refined, whole wheat flour is of course 'better' but hey... moderation. And there is something to be said for making your own bread with no preservatives, additives, etc.
    (Now if you were kneading it, there would be some physical activity involved!)

    1. Are you eating it warm or hot?

      I understand that eating bread before it's cooled down can cause some digestive problems. Don't know this from personal experience, though.

      1. If you're eating enormous quantities of any one food item, you should probably diversify your diet. Eating an entire loaf of bread single-handedly at one setting could give a person indigestion.

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          But it tastes so good going down... :)

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            Indeed -- But since the pain is described as "a little bit of pressure in my throat," maybe all you need is to butter your bread?

        2. I make that bread too (the recipe published in the NYT?) and it is wonderful. But bread warm from the oven will bloat... I make my bread a little healthier by using 1 C high gluten flour (helps the rising), 1 C wholewheat flour, and 1/2 C each wheat bran and wheat germ. You can play with the types of flour as long as you end up with 3 C total. I find that every loaf turns out different anyway. Oh and I recall reading that bread should be chewed very thoroughly, to break down something and release something so it's more digestible.

          1. I love this bread too, and make it often. You definitely must let it cool completely before eating it, eating warm from the oven will certainly cause some digestive distress. You might also try baking it a little longer to make sure the flour is thoroughly cooked. Finally, try substituting a cup of rye flour for the white. It adds great texture and an interesting flavor note.