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Oct 25, 2007 11:35 AM

good eat in lenox mass?

staying there in early jan. appreicate any recommendations for a nice sit down lunch/dinner.

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  1. the wheatleigh is beautiful (and pricy). i love fin for sushi. not in lenox, but close by in great barrington, cafe adam is delicious. other good berkshire dining suggestions are old in on the green and the southfield store.

    1. Bistro Zinc is a dependable place in Lenox. They have a steakhouse named Prime, which I have not tried but about which I've heard good reviews. For sushi, I recommend Bizen in Great Barrington. Old Inn on the Green is great atmosphere for a dinner. If you are interested in going even further south, into northern Connecticut, my wife and I love Pastorale. I also like the brisket sandwich at Napa for lunch in Lenox. There are many other places.

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        FYI Prime is not affiliated with Zinc, Prime is a family owned affair. Zinc's owners and their partners DO own Betty's pizza shack, Fin (sushi), and Frankies (moderately priced Italian) all in Lenox. Napa is going on the auction block in two weeks according to the local paper. Sheeresss, I suggest checking back closer to your travel date as restaurants, hours of operation, and management and staff can change in the off season.

      2. There are many places to eat in the 'Berks these days. If you are in Lenox then the choice gets harder. There are some very nice places in Pittsfield to eat such as Spice and the wine bar Brix. Be careful dining in downtown Lenox, some of the restaurants, although good, will relieve you of more money than the meal is worth. Being a lifetime resident of Lenox I have found the local restaurants have become stale, whereas the establishments that are appearing in Pittsfield are fresh and exciting. Good luck and have a nice stay in our Berkshires.

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          I have to strongly disagree with the Spice recommendation. I've given them more than a few chances, as have many of my friends. They are the most guilty of "relieving people of more money than the meal is worth."!!

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            I concur with the thumbs down for Spice. I have eaten there several times and had dreadful service and ice cold food. Much as I wanted them to succeed, I won't go back. They've just opened up Burger, with a two pound burger on the menu, with Schlitz and Genesee Cream Ale--disgusting!

        2. The Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough is charming, romantic, and delicious. What more could you want except some place to stay, perhaps --- and they offer that too. At a price, of course. But it's worth it for a really special experience. All candle-lit too!

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            I would have to agree with you about OIOTG. Peter Platt is the chef/owner, he used to be the chef at Wheatleigh in Lenox and is responsible for their notoriety for cuisine in the Berkshires.