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Oct 25, 2007 11:32 AM

afternoon tea in nyc?

had afternoon tea @ podunk, the palm court @ the plaza before. read alot about alice's tea cup. thinking of trying that. would like to try other places in the city. any suggestions? thanks.

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  1. Le Pain Quotidien at 65th off Broadway is a perfect spot for tea and lovely bakery choices.

    1. The Pierre Hotel. Traditional English afternoon tea. Also the Four Seasons's the link...

      Both of these are upscale & $$$$ but very very nice, indeed. Also, both are located in primo shopping territory...

      I was disappointed in Alice's...nice enough but not all that special...dull sandwiches, good selection of teas....

      1. Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Lincoln Circle - hip but relaxed and with a fabulous view. Get a glass of champagne after tea service is finished!

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            That's Columbus Circle, near Lincoln Center area.

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              LOL. When I was posting, I was thinking about Lincoln Center and had the image of the traffic circle in my head. Been living in NYC for 10 years so you'd think I'd know better. Thanks Ora!

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            Wow! I'm with Pellegrino31.
            Who's paying?

          3. I had tea here and thought it was nice. I'm certainly not a tea expert but thought the room was incredibly quaint.

            Lady Mendl's Tea Salon


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              i got married there so a big 2nd from me!

            2. A friend took me to the Harlem Tea Room ( The tea itself was perfect. And I very much enjoyed the sandwiches and sweets.

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                I'm a big tea fan and a high tea fan. I really like Tea Box. It is reasonably priced and a nice atmosphere.