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Oct 25, 2007 11:30 AM

Beets and Spinach...what to do?

I bought some red and orange beets yesterday..and two bunches of fresh baby spinach. Any ideas on doing a side- dish which includes both?

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  1. How about roasting the beets and serving with the fresh spinach, add some goat cheese and dress with a vinaigrette? It would make a beautiful salad course.

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    1. re: monavano

      Yeah, there was a beets and wilted spinach salad on Victory Garden one time. Looked good. Don't remember how they cooked the beets, but roasting would work well. I think they cooked some crumbled bacon, set it aside, drained all but a tablespoon or two of the grease and threw in some sliced onions. When those were partially cooked, threw in some red wine vinegar and reduced it a little, added baby spinach, turn off heat and toss until all is wilted. Add bacon crumbles back in, salt and pepper and peeled beet wedges. Toss, serve. Don't remember any cheese, but I tend to like a little feta or goat cheese with beet and greens salads. Crunch from nuts couldn't hurt either, but may not be necessary in addition to the bacon.

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        There is a recipe in the White House Chef which uses roasted beets, mixed with a vinegarette made with lots of herbs plus onions and olives, served on spinach greens, topped with feta crumbles. Its very nice.

      2. Sounds like salad! A little citrus would work great with the beets in the form of vinaigrette or supremes.

        Or you could sautee the spinach and add it to the roasted beets... but I would go with salad.

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          Great ideas. I happen to have some blue cheese crumbles..that would work with it.

        2. Two of my favorites! Salad with your bleu cheese crumbles, maybe some slivered almonds and dried cherries as well?

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          1. re: nosestuckinbook

            I made the salad..and added almonds. Delicious! I made it with the fresh spinach..didn't wilt it.