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Oct 25, 2007 11:01 AM

Good Burger Place or Laid Back in Union Square

We are going to a concert tonight in Union Square and looking for a place with good burgers or good laid back food. It will be a quick bite to eat. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, fantastic burgers, shakes and great fries. Only bad thing is this weather???

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    1. re: kittykatkid

      Yeah. I want a place where we can eat inside and relax. Maybe grab a drink. It doesn't have to be a burger place but we would like sandwiches, burgers, or salads.

      1. re: jackieparis

        How about Molly's on 3rd Ave and 22nd???

        1. re: kittykatkid

          Molly's burger is very good. Skip the crappy fries in favor of the tasty onion rings.

          Another good option is Blue Smoke, on 27th, b/t PAS & Lex. Had the burger there for the first time a few days ago. Delicious! And fries were fine as well.

          1. re: RGR

            The onion rings at Mollys may be the best in the city. Unreal!!

        1. re: jackieparis

          The burger is good but that's about it. Molly's has the whole package in my opinion.

          1. re: roze

            Chat and Chew? It sounds like it might fit your needs.

            1. re: BW212

              Borough Food and Drink might be what you're after, although I've yet to try anything beyond the excellent burger.

              1. re: CalJack

                went to Old Town for the first time and it was pretty good. Stay away from Pete's Tavern, food not that good and overpriced. Still havent been to Mollys yet. Go to Stand on e 12th for pretty good burgers, though i still like BRGR on 7th ave the best.

                1. re: ricky7

                  I'll 2nd the Old Town. It's a solid choice and the convenient location is just what the OP is looking for. The ambiance is wonderful - it's a great old time New York saloon.