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Oct 25, 2007 10:50 AM

Dim Sum for CHristmas?

Does anyone do this? DH and I will be trying dimsum in the weeks ahead and we were also thinking it might be a good idea for CHristmas since we will be staying here this year with no visitors.

I saw the write up in the post yesterday about dim sum so I may just start calling around. Thought I'd check in with everyone here first incase anyone has had a stellar experience.

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  1. It's a big deal in LA/SF and NYC for those not inclined to traditionally observe for whatever reason, it would be nice here:

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      Of course the Post had a good article regarding Dim Sum in last week's issue (wed) - with all pertinent locations and I believe with phone numbers - you could use that as a list to eliminate from?

    2. Chinese at Xmas is a tradition for many of us. But, I really don't know where I'll go in the area this year.

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        Chinese food and a movie is the way to go.

      2. China Garden in Rosslyn has been open on New Year's Day in the past; I don't know if they are open on Christmas but it might be worth a call.

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        1. re: BmoreHound

          Thanks! I will call them first to check.

          Is there dim sum any good?

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            I wasn't that impressed with China Garden. The only decent Dim Sum on non-weekends in the DC area is Hollywood East on the Boulevard. Who knows if they'll be open on Xmas. One year I spent Xmas eve at Mei Wah in DC. If you like meeting every member of the Jewish community in DC, it'll be fun.

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              New Fortune in Gaithersburg serves Dim Sum from the carts on weekdays. Don't know if they're open on Xmas day.

        2. I'm pretty sure it was Christmas day a couple of years ago that I went to Mark's Duck House for dim sum. Packed to the rafters.