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Oct 25, 2007 10:19 AM

Anyone try the new Brazilian in Astoria?

Coming out of the N train on Broadway, I was given a flyer for the new Brazilian place on the corner of 31st street and broadway. I love Brazilian style food and especially MEAT! But it must be good- fresh-quality meat. Anyone been there?!?! How's the MEAT?!?! :)

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    1. re: bhill

      I dont remember but it's riiiight on the corner- across from Parisi Bakery-- I can't seem to find it online, but I'll pass by tonight and post it tomorrow...

      1. re: bhill

        The restaurant is called Barril. Haven't tried it yet.

        1. re: roshot

          So--- we went to Barill the other day- around 9pm.
          The atmosphere was nice- the restaurant was empty and we were the only one's in it. I liked the decor- simple, yet cozy.
          We had 2 glasses of wine- cabernet- was very good.
          The waitress was very nice- thick accent, but understandable and she took good care of us.
          the food-- was on a buffet-- I didn't know that before I came in- I actually expected it to be served on skewers and such, so that was a little disappointing. It was also dried up (it was 9pm- I shouldn't have expected too much if it had been sitting on the sterno all day), but the piece of steak my boyfriend was offered from inside the kitchen was very good.

          overall- decent experience. I will likely try it again during the day, so as to really critique the food. It's not too fair to say it wasn't good- because it was late, and food on a steam table gets dry after that long. We will try it again. Anyone have another experience there?