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Oct 25, 2007 10:03 AM

San Francisco hotel food

I have searched but did not find an answer to this specific question so here goes. Often times living in San Francisco, I have out-of -town guests who stay in local hotels. Many of those times, guests ask me to make their reservations and ask for a place that has a good food service - could be a clean and welcoming coffee shop/restaurant/room service at the hotel. This is not in lieu of dining outside the hotel but rather for a quick bite or late,tired arrival and no desire to leave the hotel. So, that is my question which local hotel in mid to high range has the best reputation for hotel guest food. Thank you so much for your help.

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    1. re: Carrie 218

      Thanks Carrie-, I agree the Ritz is terrific although a bit expensive for rooms. I probably should amend my request to be a bit lower price range than the Ritz-could we say mid to mid high perhaps-

      1. re: foodseek

        Ah, when you said mid- to high, the mind immediately jumps to The Ritz -- and Top of the Mark, I guess.

        I guess in the mid-range, you would want to consider the St. Regis or the The Clift (although might be in the high range as well).

        I've also heard good things about Stanford Court which houses Fournou's Ovens.

    2. I have had mixed experiences with the Grand Cafe in the Hotel Monaco when I've dined there (good dinners, only ok at brunch), but I have had very nice light meals in their raw bar, and have had their catered food more often than I'd care to admit (we use them frequently for meetings of my organization when folks come from out of town). The catered food is always quite good so I'd bet their room service is good too, and the folks that work there are very nice, very easy to work with for business functions.

      Plus, they have free wine and cheese in the late afternoons, and are right across the street from Cortez, another good spot for a late night bite.

      So, if someone asked me your question and it was within their price range (a step or three down from the Ritz, though not cheap), I'd book them at the Monaco. I'd stay there myself.

      1. This is terrific- I am making a list now with all the comments. It will be a fantastic resource especially with the holidays coming up. It is probably a good idea for me to consider mid range hotel so I can give guests, an option of different types of food at hotels and price points. Most of our guests now do not travel with young children -empty nesters so to speak in mid-50's. So nice of you all - thanks again.

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          We used the Serrano to put up folks going to a convention at the Hilton (across the street). They had wine and cheese every evening in the lobby for guests. The staff seemed to be very customer oriented and eager to please.

        2. On the low end, although I've never has room service there, I've had good experiences with the banquet food at the Ramada Plaza, and their restaurant is quite decent (and not as fancy as some of the others mentioned).