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Oct 25, 2007 09:40 AM

Thai in Manhattan? Anywhere decent?

Any recommendations for Thai in Manhattan?

Pam's to my mouth seems OK but not excellent. Are there any better places? Anything in Manhattan that approaches -- I know it is impossible to match -- Sripraphai?

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  1. Thai Market on the upper West side is trerific, not a huge step down from Sripraphai

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    1. re: tsiblis

      I really like SEA on 2nd and 4th or Kin Khao on Spring.

    2. Any discussion of Thai food on this board will be about places in Manhattan. Just use the "search this board" above and type in Thai.

      1. Galanga on west 4th by Washington Square is very fresh and yummy.

        1. WonDee Siam on 9th btw 52 and 53rd is great. Went there recently not long after a trip to Sripraphai and was satisfied. it's byob.