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Oct 25, 2007 09:39 AM

classic steaks at applebee's

interesting to see how applebee's is going to try and rebrand itself. and more interesting to see how it will go over in the marketplace. no more sign of tyler florence.

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  1. That weird litte voice they have on their web site now (is that the spokesapple??) is enough to make me lose my appetite before I even look at the menu.

    1. The problem at Applebee's is that it wants to be all things to all people, and that's just not possible. Family restaurant, hip drink-after-work, watering hole, sports bar jock haven, Senior Citizen's early bird bargain spot. They promote all of this while manned by poorly trained teenage "Mgrs" and well meaning but overwhelmed and onder trained and managed, Wait Staff. As a result, they manage to be nothing to no one.
      It's ok for meeting the 'girls' for lunch/appetizers, but that's about it. I much prefer our local Charlie Brown's . At least they employ a more mature, and better trained staff and maintain a delicious and freshly stocked Salad Bar

      1. why would anyone order a steak at Applebee's???

        1. Yuck! I had a bad experience at Applebee's with a steak years ago and I will never go back!

          1. went last night and tried one of the steaks. usually I have the bourbon steak there which comes on a sizzling platter with mash and vegetables and I have always found it to be very good.

            However I tried the 9oz sirloin I think it was. Tough as old boots and the sides (creamed spinach and mac n cheese) were both disgusting. the spinach was more sauce than spinach and the mac was penne and in a horrible sickly sweet cheeseless sauce. Bleh.