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Sushi in Central Jersey? [Moved from Tristate board]

All things considered, it seems that Benihana in Edison has the best Sushi in this area. Any other suggestions?

In other restaurants I tried, some Korean some Chinese. the shushi they served can be barely edible. I have been to the all-you-can-eat Sushi place in Dover. It's great but requires an one-hour drive. I don't think there are any real Japanese restaurants in Central Jersey in any case?

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  1. U Yee (across from Woodbridge center near Friday's) is good. In Westfield there is both Fujiyama Mama and across the road from it is Fuji and they, Fuji, also have a location on Oak Tree Road in Edison.

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      Mr Pi's in Metuchen on Plainfield Ave is fantastic!

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        Thank you for the suggestions. I do like to try them some day.

    2. Jo-sho
      120 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873

      11 Chambers St, Princeton, NJ 08542

      Both are real japanese restaurants with very good sushi.

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        we found uyee to be dirty (is it ok to say THIS moderator?) and the food not great. Try Yoshi's on pearl st off main in wdge, across from the train station. FRESH and tasty, decent prices and a large variety of rolls

      2. The Sushi Factory just off Rt. 9 S., by the Costa Verde Restaurant. exit, in Sayreville?

        1. *All things considered, it seems that Benihana in Edison has the best Sushi in this area.*

          With all due respect, at this moment, Gautama Buddha, the Kami spirits of Shinto and all the edible fish in the sea are laughing their butts (fins and gills?) off. The best sushi/sashimi in New Jersey (From what I understand, it's probably the very best in America and rivals the best of Tokyo) is Shumi in Somerset. Nestled off the beaten path for the past 22 years, Shumi has been the secret of a small group of sushi congnescenti who may hunt me down and kill me for giving it away. Close your eyes to both the atmosphere and the menu, and open your mind (and your wallet) to an experience that will change everything you think you know about Japanese cuisine. Simply ask Ike, the chef/owner/Zen Master, to feed you what he wishes, starting with a small platter of Sashimi, and then sushi. Don't bother with any of the rolls on the menu; they're only there for the stubbornly uninitiated. Simplicity is king at Shumi. Try the chef-prepared monk's fish liver with sea weed. What you'll taste is a delicacy more subtle than mis cuis fois gras that will have you dreaming of mermaids. Or try the sea urchin with a quail egg, or the Japanese Horse Mackerel (Aji) topped with a roe, or the suprisingly sweet Aburabo which will make you wonder if it's pastry filling. For that matter, try anything Ike wants to offer you, and you will get a higher education in the art of fine Japanese food a well as a treat for your palate. The sushi and sashimi at Shumi is to the fare at most other places you've frequented as Kobi beef is to a Big Mac. After you develop a taste for it, you'll never be able to eat pedestrian sushi again. Don't say you weren't warned.

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            Couldn't agree with you more but I do have to correct one thing. Shumi is in Somerville, not Somerset. Both towns are in Somerset County so it does get a little confusing.

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              Right you are about Somerville. Apologies. After a bottle of chilled junmai daiginjo, I'm lucky I remembered my name. :-)))

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              "...who may hunt me down and kill me for giving it away."

              mmgpsych - Be afraid. Be very afraid. When you least expect it, expect it.

              But seriously, I've recommended Shumi a number of times before, but tried to keep it subtle. I've also partaken of Ike's omakase and agree it's the best sushi experience I've had, with a small place in New Haven - Miya - coming in an almost close second, and that followed by a saba specialist in Kyoto.

              I just read your review to my wife, who also blanched at the intro mention of Benihana. She pointed out that she's also heard on the radio people calling in extolling the virtues of the chains like Carraba's Grill. She's more of an Italian fan than Japanese, but the emphasis on chain restaurants like Carraba's and Benihana's is one of the problems with dining in the US, and the source of the need for such resources as Chowhound.

              But even with hounds out there looking out for us, it's still a sad situation. We've spent the last 2 weeks in Hong Kong, and from mall restaurants to small places on side streets, one question my wife has asked multiple times on this trip is "Why can't we have places like this at home?"

            3. Agree 100% with
              Jo-sho & Ajihei

              Although it's not Central Jersey, I think the best bet is to buy sashimi from Mitsuwa Market in Edgewater. Best bang for your $$.

              1. Sono in Middletown is one of my faves. It's off of Highway 35 across from the Applebees/Pathmark plaza and next to Blockbuster. Their sushi is always fresh and their prices are decent. I still haven't found a place that's better.

                1. again i went to nobi in toms river and again came away very happy..... this would have been our fifth time and we came to the conclusion that there is NO where else to eat in the area(on monday) for good food without having to drive a ways. having worked in what was voted one of san diego's best sushi bars for almost ten years, this is the best we've had in nj. ankimo is there as a regular special(great for me) and giant clam this time for the wife. uni was SUPER fresh. no, its not the best i've had, but very good and probably one of the best dining experiences we've had since moving here.

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                    Sounds great ChefMD! I was wondering if they had one item on the menu, perhaps you can let me know. I'm not sure of the name, but they are small very crispy sugar coated fried crabs. I had them once and they were wonderful! :-)

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                      nope, but i know where you can get some..... oh, they do have these great bbq'd baby octopus, outrageous !

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                        That sounds doable - knock it back with a Turbodog.....

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                      chefMD - I too am a big fan of Nobi in TR. I was wondering if you have also had occassion to try Shogun at Bey Lea as I find the quality and freshness of their fish to be top notch. Quite suprising to find such good food in the culinary wasteland known as Ocean County. BTW, Bistro 44 in downtown TR is another good restaurant (obvioulsy not Japanese). Good Luck.

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                        I second your opinion of Shogun. I was introduced to the place this summer, very skeptical off it (after all it is a sushi rest in the middle of a golf coruse in TR!) but I have been back multiple times and it has been some of the freshest sushi I have had in this area. The atmosphere is nice and all of the staff are ULTRA friendly! Especially the owner and Janet one of the bartenders. In Monmouth County I really enjoy Izu in West End & Kissui in Little Silver...Anyone been to Wasabi in Long Branch? I've read some positive things about it but I drive past it on my way home from work and it always seems dead.

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                          Andrea in the APP raved about Wasabi but I havent tried it. That location has been through more changes than a dirty diaper.

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                            Did try Izu Sushi in Long Branch a few weeks back, thank you for posting. They do not have a website. The restaurant is located in an unassuming strip mall next to Windmill. The Avocado boat presentation was beautiful but a reoccurring issue at many sushi places is that it had too much dressing. Then the Summer Roll, Shrimp Tempura topped with crab, Huge roll, but also too much sauce. The Salmon was Very good, much better than most of the places in New Jersey. The inside was cozy, excellent service. Enjoyed lunch and would return.

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                            thanks for the tip bgut... where is bey lea ??? sorry, still finding my way around nj. i am happy to get back and forth from home depot at this point.... unfortunately like my neighbor drew, we are off only on mondays and bistro 44 is not open then. have you been to el familiar ? heard a few good things but don't know where it is. we are seriously deprived of TRUE latin cuisine here in nj.

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                              el familiar is in the stella plaza on Rt.9 right down the road from the home depot. There are two other good restaurants in the same plaza - Athens Grill and a Chinese food restaurant who's name escapes me. Shogun at Bey Lea is as the name implies on the Bey Lea Golf Course across from the TR Municipal Ct/Police Station a block in from Hooper Ave. (close to the OC Mall). Do get over to Bistro 44. Chef Eric is a talent.

                        2. ota-ya in lambertville
                          alidago in holmdel
                          asahi in mansq
                          sawa in wlb/eatontown
                          fuji in tinton falls

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                            Asahi in Manasquan was great! A few weeks ago I had the Spiciest Roll ever called the Chorishi Fire - This was AMAZING!

                            Tried Sumo Asian Cuisine 12 South Main Street Pennington NJ
                            They served up the most AMAZING Wasabi Kani Crab Cucumber Salad!
                            Really unique and delicious!!

                            Wanted to go to Ota-ya in Lambertville today but is not open for lunch (Open 7 days a week from 5PM-11PM)

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                              yeah, I should have mentioned that .... we learned the hard lesson ourselves when we drove out one saturday from belmar, walked up to the door and found out we would be having dinner there instead!

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                                No worries, all good, knew the hours before I went, just really wanted to try it based on the praises.

                                Had the opportunity to try Sumo Asian in Pennington NJ instead which was a yummy find. Could eat that Amazing Wasabi Kani Crab Cucumber Salad again today it was so good!

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                                Thanks for reminding me about Sumo Asian Cuisine. It's not far from where I live but I always forget about it.

                                I've never been to Ota-ya but have always heard good things about it. Recently, however, I read a review that described the food as average and the service as so-so. I wonder if it's gone downhill recently.


                            2. U Yee in Woodbridge; Shumi in Somerville; Daimatsu in Mountainside and Fujiyama Mama in Westfield

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                                  Marilyn - Funny that you wrote about Kanji as me and the DW ordered takeout from them tonite, "Yummo" as Ms. Ray would say.

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                                    100% agree!. I would consider it THE BEST Japanese place in NJ

                                  2. I'm not saying I am a sushi expert, but friends who are all agree that Fuji in Haddonfield is the best in the Philadelphia/S Jersey area. I do know that people come from all over the area to go there; on the weekend many travel a few hours to get there. Realize it is not central Jersey, but it would be about an 45 minutes to an hour from Edison to get there. I think those of you who are true sushi 'snobs', as some of my friends are, would find it worth the trip.

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                                      Agree with mschow. Once you go to Fuji, the others will seem lame. You have to try the Kaiseki Dinner.
                                      Its an 8 course specialty dinner. At the chefs whim but if you tell him the wines your bringing he will prepare with that in mind

                                      Rumor has it that Chef Ito has been doing Kaiseki dinners for 15 years and has not repeated 1 dish!!

                                      I've been to several and can vouch that all dishes have been different, from tuna to lamb to venison to abalone. Maybe the same meat, fish, fowl or seafood but always prepared differently.

                                      If someone wants to organise a Kaiseki dinner at Fuji in the future, please let me know. I'm in!!


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                                        Right Tom, another nod to Fuji in Haddonfield. Everyhting there is noteworthy and is well worth the trip from up to an hour away in other parts of NJ. Chef Ito is the real deal . They are not open on Monday and are a little hard to find at the back of a little alley type mall on the Main Street (Is it Kings Hwy?) Maybe I'll go next week.

                                    2. i have said it before and will do so again. nobi in toms river is very good. just had another excellent meal for lunch including some AWESOME amaebi !!!! thank god for this place

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                                        I agree with ChefMD about Nobi and would also like to add the sushi bar at Shogun at Bey Lea also in TR.

                                      2. I am a New Jersey foodie. I LOVE Sushi! Here are my picks

                                        Best Overall Sushi/Sashimi - Kyoto Rt 9 Englishtown NJ
                                        Best Creative Menu - Flirt Sushi - Allendale NJ
                                        Best Places For Sushi Central NJ
                                        (In no particular order for creative rolls and yummy sushi always)
                                        Kyoto Rt 36 - Atlantic Highlands
                                        Fuji - Dayton NJ
                                        Midori Sushi - Highland Park NJ
                                        Shogun Legends - Wall NJ (Salmon Edamame Dumpling - Great)
                                        Aki Sushi - Port Monmouth NJ
                                        Mitsuba - Chatham NJ
                                        Mr Pi - Edison NJ
                                        Akira - Mt Laurel NJ
                                        Konbu - Manalapan NJ
                                        Monster Sushi - Summit NJ
                                        Nagasaki - Lakewood NJ
                                        Naka Sushi - Manalapan NJ
                                        Oyako Tso - Freehold NJ
                                        Samuri Sushi - Maplewood NJ (The Most Beautiful Sushi Roll - Snowflower)
                                        Wasabi House - East Brunswick NJ
                                        Ajihei - Princeton NJ

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                                          Visited Fuji in Dayton.
                                          After running around, trying so many new things, it was comforting to chow on my favorite sushi roll.
                                          Yummy Yummy Roll - Shrimp Tempura roll topped with avocado and honey peanuts with a special sauce!
                                          Just like seeing an old friend!

                                        2. I just ate at Jo Sho in Somerset. What a wonderful surprise. This is a GREAT traditional Sushi restaurant that has been in business for 20 years.

                                          I enjoyed the Burdock Root Tempura - Salmon and Kanpachi

                                          This definitely is now one of my favorite places in Central NJ

                                          1. Had lunch today at
                                            Shogun Bea Lea
                                            1536 N Bay Ave
                                            Toms River, NJ 08753.

                                            This was wonderful!
                                            Excellent Sushi - fresh salmon and tuna!
                                            The best and the biggest Shrimp Tempura roll I have ever had!
                                            Wonderful - attentive service!
                                            This has been around forever but it is worth the trip!

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                                              I've enjoyed Shogun as well and consider it and Nobi to be the two best in Toms River for whatever that's worth.

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                                                shabbystorm glad you enjoyed Shogun weve been there many times....in warmer weather thay usualy have live entertainment on the outdoor deck near the bar also.

                                              2. I am shocked nobody has recommended A1 Japanese in Toms River (on Route 9 and Route 70) -- http://a1japanesesteakhousenj.com/men... The spicy tuna rolls are ridiculous...you get a ton of tuna packed inside. It's awesome.

                                                Also recommended is Nobi in Toms River, Kyoto (Englishtown), Koo (Marlboro) and Oyako Tso (Freehold). Used to go to Nagasaki in Lakewood/Howell area, but A1 is closer to my house and wayyy better.

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                                                  Just an FYI A1 Japanese has been 'close for repair' for several weeks now, there is a sign outside the door.

                                                  Did try Yokohama Brick NJ - All in all good sushi and service.

                                                  1. re: shabbystorm

                                                    Sadly A1 Japanese in Toms River has closed.

                                                2. Went to Kissui Little Silver for lunch the other day.

                                                  This place has been here forever.

                                                  Went because it is one of the few sushi places in the local area that I have not tried.
                                                  Wonderful attentive staff.
                                                  It was very good.
                                                  Had Salmon sushi and tried the Deep Forest Roll (Asparagus Tempura Shiso Leaf Tempura Sweet Potato Tempura Plum Paste and Scallion wrapped with soybean seaweed) Unique but not mind blowing.

                                                  1. If you are in Toms River, try Nobi. A few people had already mentioned the place here but just want to reiterate that it is a nice place for Japanese food!

                                                    1. Went to the Edison Sushi House Edison NJ today for lunch. Not sure how this slipped under the radar. They have been in business for 9 years but the menu did say NEW management. My lunch was very good! It is a very small, traditional restaurant.

                                                      Yellowtail - good
                                                      Tuna - very good
                                                      Moon Rise Roll - Spicy Salmon roll wrapped with salmon - Great and Spicy!!

                                                      No web site.
                                                      2090 Rt 27
                                                      Edison NJ
                                                      In the strip next to the Entermann's Outlet.

                                                      1. Another very good japanese restaurants in Central NJ is Sushi Suzuki Metuchen NJ.


                                                        Seating is limited only 6 tables.

                                                        1. Based on a mention by another chowhound tried East Hana Sushi in the Hong Kong Market East Brunswick NJ today. After picking up some groceries did take out.
                                                          It is the best deal $ anywhere for very good sushi!
                                                          Really enjoyed the Salmon and Tuna Sashimi and bean curd pockets.
                                                          They do have a few seats for sit down if you prefer.
                                                          Not fancy.

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                                                            I used to go there when they had different owners, it was awesome 5 years ago. Since new owners took over not as good as it used to be..

                                                          2. Yoshi is the best I've had in Woodbridge.

                                                            Sumo Sushi in Pennington does a good job as well

                                                            1. My favorite place is Aligado in Hazlet on Rt. 35. I cannot understate the number of times that I've been here. I do not go anywhere else for sushi when I'm in NJ.

                                                              I love their rolls (as well as their Thai food!).

                                                              1. My first post here. I love Sushi and have tried almost every Sushi place on the Rt 35 stretch. If you don't mind driving a bit south towards West Long Branch, I'd recommend "Izu Sushi". By far the best Sushi place there is in this area.

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                                                                1. re: rukna

                                                                  Where exactly is Izu Sushi? Any particular sushi you would recommend?

                                                                2. We had lunch at Kotta Asian Restaurant in the Belmar Plaza (a couple doors down from Boom). A few ala carte pieces, a couple fancy rolls, all in all good stuff. It may not be fugu at Morimoto, but I submit it's well worth trying if your in the area.

                                                                  The place was formerly Oyama. The new owners have done a nice job of redecorating the strip mall space.

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                                                                  1. re: MGZ

                                                                    touchee...... i am still scratching my head at the mention of spicy tuna rolls and the like.....

                                                                    1. re: chefMD

                                                                      What can I say? It's a nice, clean new spot and I thought it worth noting for my fellow food geeks.

                                                                      Although I usually think of the special rolls as the "junk food" of sushi, the Spiderman 3 and eponymously named house roll were very tasty and very well presented.

                                                                  2. I haven't tried many of your recommendations but look forward to!

                                                                    I highly recommend Aikou on 202 South in Flemington. A little unexpected since it is in a small strip of stores but every time I have been there, I walked out saying "ahhh, I love that place" and crave going again. Fresh, chef bar, small, clean cool decor, nice bathroom, byo... usually busy which is always a good sign but there is enough room to not feel crowded.

                                                                    I can't remember the names of specific things to critique since I usually try something different.... but I know I've ordered the Dancing Eel roll multiple times.


                                                                    63 Reaville Ave, Flemington, NJ 08822

                                                                    1. Yoshi, in Woodbridge surpasses any NJ sushi restaurant I have ever been to. Rec: Spicy Kani Salad, Sushi Sandwich, House Roll and Money Bags for dessert. They are so clean and appreciative of your business. Hidden treasure minutes away from the Woodbridge train station. Enjoy

                                                                      1. SUSHI-O in edison...YUMMMMMYYYYY.. across from the skylark diner, don't judge outside appearance its beautiful inside..all you can eat sushi sucks..Also Ma-ru in East Brunswick for Korean they are bbq YUMMMMMYYY

                                                                        1. Yes. Shumi is great when you want to open your wallet. But Wasabi on main st in Somerville is excellent also. They do a live scallop that will blow you away. Yutaka is good for entertaining, first dates, and decent if your hungry on a weeknight(really good half price menu). Shumi is a status/foodie restaurant. Very Very good believe me, but for the proletarian of the area a repeat visit is very costly for what you get.