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Oct 25, 2007 09:17 AM

Bobby Van's

Has anyone been to Bobby Van's? Any suggestions on what to order?


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  1. Which one? At Bobby Van's Grille in DC on New York avenue and 12th St NW, I really like their calamari with peanut sauce appetizer. Also like their Asian chicken salad at lunch is good, but ask for the dressing on the side or they will drown it. In my experience, the apps/salads/bar food are better than the entrees. I haven't eaten at the the other DC Bobby Van's which is seems like a more formal steakhouse.

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      Sorry! I was asking about the steakhouse.

    2. People who like Bobby Van's praise the dry-aged porterhouse.

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        Yeah, their porterhouse was highly praised in the Washingtonian several years ago in a story about the best steaks in DC. In fact, I think the author may have rated their porterhouse as his/her #1 steak in town. I tried it not long after that and I can say that it was great. I just don't go out to eat steak that often so I haven't been back and I don't know if this advice still holds up since it's been a while.

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          If you go to Bobby Van's, your best bet is to NOT order steak. My boss LOVES Bobby V's for some reason, so we end up going there a lot for lunch. But, he never actually orders steak. I will say, I am always happy with all their non-steak items. Their service is top notch too. I feel the quality of their meat is inconsistent, and even when you get a nice marbled cut of meat, they burn it, regardless of how rare you order it. Not a nice crusty sear, which I appreciate, but actually carbonized- like someone dropped it into a campfire and then took a few minutes to fish it out.

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            Service is great if you look like you're going to drop a big tip (old white guy in a suit). If you're anything else (god forbid you're a young couple), service sucks. Though this is true in most area steakhouses.

            The Porterhouse is indeed tasty, and I had a cajun rubbed ribeye once that was pretty good...though a bit too heavy on the rub. They have a salad of green beans, shrimp, etc that's tasty, and their fried calamari is really good. But if you get the wrong server, you're treated like a leper.

            Their wine list is also pretty pricy, and not that appealing.

            Here's a review I wrote last summer:

            Good luck.

      2. Hands down - order steak on toast. It's not on the restaurant menu, but it's pretty frikkin amazing. Fliet thinly sliced on toast points w/ some sort of horseradish/butter sauce. It's awesome.

        1. I ate there often when I worked a block away. Dependable steak, just above OK in quality. My favorite thing on the menu became the lemon-pepper shrimp, which I enjoyed often.