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Oct 25, 2007 09:16 AM

Food in spoons

I'm planning to have about 8 guests for a casual dinner party, so we'll be a total of 10. I'll have a charcuterie plate to start (salami, prosciutto, olives, cheese, etc.) and probably an autumn salad of some sort - maybe beets/apples/goat cheese on a bed of mixed lettuces. Then, rather than a sit-down, full-plate meal, I'd like to serve a bunch of things in flat-bottomed Japanese soup spoons, laid out on large trays. (I believe I can buy disposable plastic ones in bulk, so I wouldn't have to be constantly washing and drying during the party.) In addition to the charcuterie plate and the salad, I was thinking about the following to be served on the spoons:

- piped out salmon mousse, topped with a little sprig of dill or salmon roe (or both)
- squash- or potato-filled ravioli with tomatoes and leeks (2 or 3 small ones in each spoon), garnished with a leaf of flat parsley
- seared, bacon-wrapped scallops (one per spoon), don't know what kind of garnish
- yellow rice topped with ropa vieja or picadillo, garnished with a slice of green olive
- baby lamb chops - not on a spoon, but laid out on a tray and garnished with roasted tomatoes and rosemary sprigs
- for dessert: half a roasted fig (or, if I can't find fresh in Phoenix, maybe reconstitute some dried ones in wine? port?) atop some plain Greek yogurt, drizzled with Greek honey
- sliced ripe pear (raw) on top of a bit of cheese (goat cheese? parmigianno reggiano? asiago?), also drizzled with a tiny bit of honey and maybe a sprinkle of black pepper

There is obviously no cohesive theme to this plan. I would love to hear some suggestions - both meat and vegetarian - from 'hounds. The only thing I have to avoid is any kind of tree nuts or seeds, but peanuts are okay.

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  1. Oysters, clams & mussels in any preparation already have their own "spoon"

    try BBQ oyster & hogwash recipe from the Hog Island Oyster Co. website. mmmmm

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    1. re: ErikaK

      Those hogwash oysters are always a hit; you're right!

    2. The above all sound great! I'm wondering about a portion of 2-3 ravioli on one spoon though. May be more than a mouthful.

      How about a small portion of polenta with a smoked or roasted mushroom on top? Grits with a small shrimp?

      Check out this thread on appetizer spoons. People gave great suggestions on where to buy them at a discount.

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      1. re: HungryLetsEat

        The problem with polenta is that it will congeal as it cools. Still good, but probably not the desired effect.

        1. re: piccola

          Let the polenta set up, then fry for a crisp crust.

          Otherwise maybe keep polenta warm in a ziploc bag, then cut the corner and pipe out just before serving! Polenta and mushrooms is great! Esp. with sage.

      2. I think I am trying to envision this and not doing so well. Are people to be standing around, shuffling plates, (one for the salad, the charcuterie, etc), refilling plates, able to sit down? WHile I think the idea of one tidbit on a spoon is great, I would sorta feel weird, having a bunch of them, what on a plate, in hand?

        1. This might work nice in your spoons for dessert. Nice parm. reg. flaked into chunks, dizzled with honey and toasted walnuts.

          Maybe a little polenta with your scallops?

          1. Thanks for the input, everybody. I've been giving this a bit more thought and, as Quine points out, the logistics may not quite work. If this were a cocktail party for 30 and if I had someone to help load trays and serve, it'd be just fine. But it does seem inappropriate for a smaller dinner party; now I'm thinking I'll prepare a buffet. I could still do something on spoons during the pre-dinnner/cocktail time, or for dessert, though.