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Oct 25, 2007 09:12 AM

Caffe Artigiano Calgary "opening soon"

Caffe Artigiano will be occupying the retail space in the gorgeous new Centrium office tower in downtown Calgary, which is at 6th Ave and Barclay Mall (3rd St) SW. I walked by yesterday and finally saw an "opening soon" sign. Snapped a pic for my blog.

Rumour has it that CA was looking for two locations- I am not sure how these will be staffed (since we're getting into the drama of kidnapping baristas and espresso gang wars here- seriously, it's hard to find good help period and harder still to find good baristas), but at least one will open, soon.

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  1. Good news for coffee fans, but do you think the quality will be consistant to its sisters in Vancouver? What you say is right... I don't know where or how they found baristas to fully staff the location. My guess is that they only have a couple that will be soley dedicated to the machine while everyone else is just a hired help.

    Haha, would you like to expand up on the espresso gang wars?

    1. I can't wait... hope it opens soon, so I can take advantage of it before my company moves offices.

      As for a second location, I sure hope they find a location where they can stay open outside of office hours... even with all of these great third wave shops opening, I still can't find a decent espresso after dinner.

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      1. re: Strider

        strider- have you been to Beano lately? I had a fantastic espresso there today, nice and tight, perfect crema and a little brighter than is normally the case with their fratello blend (this is a a good thing)- they're open until 11 or maybe midnight 7 days.

        1. re: John Manzo

          I had a very satisfying latte there yesterday. Wasnt sure if it there was an attempt at art or not it was so muddled, but the consumption aspect of it was excellent.

          1. re: yen

            They do (or try to do) latte art with every drink (at least every latte- at Phil and Sebastian and Bumpy's you'll get latte art on a 3-oz macchiato... something I do at home, not to toot my own horn).

            1. re: John Manzo

              At P+S, they did art on my friend's hot chocolate! She was very impressed :)
              I should've taken a picture of what Beano turned out. It was.... abstract!

              1. re: yen

                there's an art I appreciate: voicing critiism with wit and flair versus favoring condescension and hauteur! :)
                I hope they will offer the same menu items as well as their coffee. good quick fixes

          2. re: John Manzo

            I went to beano about two months ago (I remember because it was my birthday) after reading on CG that they reformed, but I must have gone at a bad time... I ordered a cappuccino, and I distinctly remember the barista doing something that struck me as being wrong, but I can't recall now what it was... anyways, the cappuccino was so bitter that I threw it away after a couple sips a few blocks away.

            1. re: Strider

              Beano's blend isn't for everybody and it's going to taste bitter/burnt to some people.

              Good Earth, incidentally, is upgrading their coffee program and all of their baristas are going through the same (re)training at Fratello that the Beano employees did. GE is now encouraging microfoaming and latte art on every drink. Hopefully it's also just a matter of time before GE replaces those creaky old Simonellis with new La Marzoccos, like they did at Beano.

              See, this is what happen with competition! If you go to the Farmers' Market you'll see the barista guy (the owner) of Tutti Fruitti Gelato doing latte art now, using a nice newer Simonelli Aurelia- he has to keep up wth P&S.

              1. re: John Manzo

                I have to say I am a big fan of the muffins & scones Good Earth make. If they improve the coffee that has to be a bonus.

        2. OMG>>> I am thrilled to hear this!!!!!! this makes my favorite cup of joe about 11 hours closer to my house!!!!!

          John thanks for the best news I have had all week!!!!

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          1. re: CookieGal

            Well "best news" would have been their meeting their original target, in which case they'd be open already- but there is clearing work happening there, studs if no drywall, but it's happening. I spotted a blog that reported "January," which wouldn't surprise me given the state of construction. And, hey, January is just 2 months away, now.

          2. You want a coffee/cafe experience? You all need to experience Sciue in Vancouver - 'nuff said. I am back in TO and the chains and locals just don't do it for me anymore!

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            1. re: garjons

              Googled- nice website, nice looking joint. Pretty menu, and interesting to see a Vancouver outfit using Umbria beans- but these are, thank goodness, from an artisanal roaster in Seattle, not moldy, ancient dreck from Italy. People might get the wrong impression from all the "Italian" on the site.

              Try Manic Coffee in Toronto, at Bathurst and College. The first Synesso in Toronto, and they use Intelligentsia beans. I've heard great things.

              1. re: John Manzo

                I'll second Manic Coffee. I was in TO several weeks ago and did a self mapped coffee tour. Manic coffee was great, cool, low-key place. They are using pure Intelligentsia, I met a couple of their baristas and they are very friendly, knowledgeable and skilled! 2grp Cyncra, a copule of Mazzer's and an Anfim, plus a Clover - nice equipment, and Black Cat capps are great. No one in TO is close.

              2. re: garjons

                i like sciue - i used to work close by - it was a great luch spot