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Visiting Collegeville - need restaurant suggestions

We will be visiting our daughter at Ursinus College in Collegeville next month and would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants in the area for both lunch and dinner. Open to anything, upscale or casual, quality of the food is the most important criteria. Thanks!

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  1. Trappe Tavern - just up Ridge Pike in Trappe.
    Collegeville Diner is good as diners go.
    In Evansburg, there's a pretty decent italian restaurant, Osteria something. Can't think of the full name at this moment.

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      Only go to the Trappe Tavern if you don't mind really, really, really smoky restaurants. If you spend even 1 minute in there you will come out stinking of smoke. That said the food is pretty good and very reasonable if you can tolerate the smoke.

      Bon Jung in Collegeville is good for Japanese and sushi
      Juno's Sports bar (in the same complex as Bon Jung) is good bar food
      Ace's Steaks for hoagies/cheesesteaks in Trappe
      Thai Spice in Limerick for Thai

    2. Davinci's Pub is across the street from the Collegeville Diner and a nicer place for lunch or dinner. For better variety and selections, take Route 29 to Phoenixville (about 10 minutes from Ursinus College). Park along Bridge Street and check out the many restaurants that have opened there. Majolica and The Black Lab Bistro for upscale (and pricey) dinners. Iron Hill Brewery, Molly Maguires, Artisan's Cafe or Nudy's (breakfast and lunch only) for more casual meals. All are located on Bridge Street in Phoenixville.

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        The Trappe Tavern is decent inexpensive fare, just ask for a table upstairs, its a lot less smoky and possibly non-smoking up there, not sure.My co-worker just told me about an asian restaurant that she likes close to the Collegeville Diner, not sure of the name, sorry.

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          The Asian place is most likely Bon Jung. It is in the complex directly behind the Diner plus there aren't any other decent Asian places in the area besides Thai Spice in Limerick.

          As for your comments on the Trappe, to get upstairs you have to walk right by the smoky bar. No matter where you sit, you come out reaking of smoke. The shame of it is that the food is very good and reasonable.

      2. I would suggest Black Lab Bistro or Majolica also. both very good

        1. Skippack is just a stone's throw up Rt. 113 from C'ville with the upscale Parc Bistro and Brasserie 73, the Black Dog (for Chinese/Thai) and Mal's Diner.

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            If going to Skippack avoid Mal's Diner. Mediocre food with horrible service.

            That said I wouldn't necessarily call Parc Bistro "upscale". While it's not jeans and a t-shirt, it's not shirt and tie either.

          2. I live in C-Ville & agree w/ the suggestions for BonJung and Black Lab (stones throw away in Phoenixville). I would NOT recommend DaVincis Pub... I can't imagine how much longer it will still be in business considering the slew of restaurants that have previously occupied that building. DaVinci offers unimaginitive pasta dishes & bar food and can't seem to sort out whether it wants to be a bar or an Italian restaurant. It lacks identity, the food is so-so, and VERY pricey for what it is.

            1. I'll second Osteria Evansburg - It's pretty casual (jeans OK) and not overly expensive. It's right up the hill on Germantown Pike from Collegeville. The food is hearty red-sauce Italian w/ the basics (chix parm) but also some more original specials. We've been 3-4 times and have always left happy and full!
              I would definitely avoid The Trappe Tavern, unless you want to hang out w/ other college kids or locals watching sports on the 10 TVs that fill up every wall (there's a time and place for this, of course, like Sunday afternoons during football season, but probably not during a nice weekend visit!)
              If you head west on Ridge towards Limerick, the Lakeside Inn has some decent food as well as large portions. Again, this is not "fine dining" but everyone can find something to eat, and you'll leave full - we've never been dissapointed.
              We also just tried the new Asian restaurant Jasmine in the Trappe shopping center (where SuperFresh is) and were very pleased w/ their sushi selection, as well as their basic Chinese food. It's a pretty non-descript place, as it's in a strip mall atmosphere, but the food was really well done. (It's BYO)
              I've never been to the restaurants in Phoenixville, however, there's about a million other posts about them all over this board, so I'm sure they would be a good option as well. Enjoy your visit!

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                You are the first person that has given a positive review about Jasmine. My experience was not good at all. On a night when Bon Jung had an hour wait for take out I gave it a shot and wished that I waited the hour. The quality of the fish was average at best and the rolls were very, very tiny.

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                  We were just there this past weekend, and it had Grand Opening signs - maybe it's under new management? Or maybe we just got lucky - our rolls seemed to be very comprable in size to every other sushi rest. we frequent (Lai Lai Garden in Blue Bell, Wild Rice in KOP, etc). Granted, we're not too daring on the sushi front, so maybe that's where the difference comes in? My husband got the General Tso meal, and was happy w/ that too....

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                    Glad to hear you had a good experience. My one and only venture there was about a month ago. Perhaps they have gotten a little better since then.

                    I'll just stick with Bon Jung for my sushi fix in the C'ville area.

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                      Is Bon Jung that good? I had heard mixed reviews on that place....we'll have to give it a try though!

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                        IMO Bon Jung is very good for what it is. By that I mean that the quality is very good as are the size of the rolls. That said if you are looking for anything exotic then Bon Jung is going to be a disappointment as the menu is pretty basic and they rarely have specials (during "live scallop season" they didn't have them even once).

                        The "special" rolls are good, but lack in imagination IMO (many of them use eel as the main ingredient, which can get a little boring when looking for something different). If you like spicy, I highly recommend the Mudslide roll.

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                          Jasmine Asian House opened a little over a month ago. I was there the weekend they opened and the service needed LOTS of tweaks, as most new restuarants. Since then I have been there 2-3 times and they seem to be getting better. The last time I sat at the sushi bar and sampled some rolls, which seemed pretty good. It does not have the turn-over of Bon Jung, so select your fish and days for sushi wisely.They serve some Thai dishes which are pretty good and their dim dum sampler is a good value.

                          As for Bon Jong, I have been there several dozen times and while they have decent sushi, it does not blow me away. I love that I can get some sushi, Gal Bi or other Korean dishes. However, if I am in the mood for true high quality sushi, I drive to Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting.

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                      Woman you are driving by the good sushi restaurants to go to the bad ones. Go to Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting, Sushi-Kazu in Blue Bell and Tokyo in Skippack. Even Korean Garden in Blue Bell and August Moon in Norristown have better sushi than Lai Lai or Wild Rice!!!.

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                        Sushikazu is a shell of what it once was. Now it is mediocre at best from the service to the quality.

                        I have never eaten at Tokyo, but Kater, you are the first person that has recommended it. Most of my sushi eating friends have told me to avoid it.

                        I'm not really a fan of Blue Fin. The service there is horrible (being nice) and the food is good, but not good enough to forget about bad service.

                        Haven't been to Korean Garden, but was less than impressed with August Moon.

                2. Victoria,
                  Having recently moved to the area, here is what I have discovered to date:

                  Majolica in Phoenixville (reservation suggested)
                  Birchrunville Store Cafe (about 20 min away, reservations required)
                  Sullivans Steakhouse in King of Prussia
                  Legal's seafood in KOP
                  Ruth Chris' Steak House in KOP
                  Morton's in KOP

                  Casual American:
                  Black lab in Phoenixville
                  Iron Hill Brewery in Phoenixville (if you want good beer and OK food)
                  Collegeville Diner (for breakfast)
                  Fortuna's Cafe (for coffe/breakfast) in Trappe
                  Tortuga's (Mexican)
                  Epicurian (brunch/lunch/dinner) in Phoenixville
                  Bravo Pizza in Collegeville
                  Marzella's Pizza right next to Ursinus
                  Cheesecake factory in KOP
                  Maggiano's in KOP

                  Casual Asian:
                  Bon Jong on 2nd Ave in Collegeville
                  Jasmin Asian House in Trappe
                  Han Dynasty in Exton (about 15 miles away)
                  Wild rice in KOP
                  Desi Village (Indian) in KOP
                  Taste of India in Wayne (15 min away)

                  Avoid (IMHO):
                  Da Vinci's
                  Molly MacGuire's
                  Bravo Pizza
                  Gypsy Rose

                  Sure I am missing one or two restaurants, but I hope this helps.

                  1. My guess is you'll be visiting during the weekend. Also in Phoenixville is the Columbia Bar and Grill, they have both Saturday and Sunday Brunch, also dinner both days, and a menu that would be good for the group. www.columbiabarandgrille.com

                    1. Was passing through the area and looking for coffee. Found a Great Place in Trappe, Cafe Fortuna in the Trappe Shopping Center. Nice Place with a comfortable seating area and TV. Great Coffee and Fresh Breakfast! Visit if you are in the area!