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Apr 23, 2006 01:02 PM

Green almonds?

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What with the late rains is it green almond season yet? Where can I find some?


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  1. Does anyone know if Van Mourik still sells at Ferry Plaza or Civic Center? They are not longer on the list of vendors at FP.

    They did sell green almonds if you requested them. I forgot the whole story, but they didn't usually sell them because of the bother. Everyone had their opinion about what exactly a green almond was. So I remember they said that they sent a huge batch to some store in New York and had them returned because they were not green enough for the place.

    They were in that second stage mentioned in the gourmet article.

    I've had them at both stages and yeah, fine. Tasted that, next. I did try them au natural and not in a dish though.

    As the article mentions, Lagier at Ferry Plaza also sells them for one brief week ... and early in the morning ... they are often gone by 9 am (cough, cough ... what was that you said about not going to the Farmers market early ... the early bird gets the green almond ... and interesting produce).

    Anyway, I'd ask at their stand and ask to have them put some away for you depending on how green you want them.

    I'm sure you could make arrangements with some of the other almond vendors at the farmers markets. I've seen them at Alameny from time to time, but unknown vendors.

    Here's an old write-up about Van Mourik with phone number.


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      I don't remember the story, sorry. Alfieri either bought von Mourik or owned their land or something. Von Mourik has retired and Alfieri is the successor.

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        Thanks for the info. I don't see Alfieri on the Ferry Plaza vendor list. Do you know where they sell?

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          They are out front toward the south end on the Embarcadero side.


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      Bernal Farmer

      There were some at the Alemany market yesterday morning

      1. I tasted some from De Santis Farm last Thursday at the Marin Civic Center market. They were still in the tender-enough-to-eat-whole stage.

        They are at the Civic Center on Thursdays and Sundays, and I am pretty sure they go to the Cannery FM on Saturdays (just a warning that I haven't been to that market in about a year, so can't be sure of that info).

        De Santis is a great farm out of the Central Valley. They always have lots of varieties of citrus, and we have been practically living off of their cara cara oranges. Seems to be run by a super great family.

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          I don't know about the Cannery FM, but De Santis is at the Alemany market on Saturday. I like their citrus too. They have a great variety. Nice to know they are at a market closer to me than Alamany.

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          Robert Lauriston

          For future reference, I found some at Berkeley Bowl on Saturday, in the exotic fruit section.

          1. These are in season again, saw some at the Berkeley Bowl.

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              Two Mexican produce stands in Salinas have them, might be worth scouring similar businesses in the Bay Area.

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                I bought some green almonds at the Bowl today.
                Right next to them was a box of "sour apricots." They looked like small, green, unripe apricots.
                A young woman was nibbling on one of them. I asked her what they were. She said "green almonds." I pointed to the green almonds and she said, "they're the same. My family used to grow these. They are just like the green almonds."
                I bought some.
                They taste just what you would expect -- sour, unripe, unpleasant. The pit is soft, and is also unpleasant (but in a different way).
                Any ideas on how to use "sour apricots"?

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                  Interesting. You might get more replies on the General Board. I posted the question there.

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                    And, an italian chef mentioned a homemade liqueur made with green almonds, similar to the one made with green walnuts.