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Oct 25, 2007 08:50 AM

Back in Amherst - see lots of changes...

Just moved back to Amherst, NH from the west coast after 2 years & I see A LOT of changes along Rt 101A. Lots of chain stores, which I try to avoid, tons of Dunkin Donuts & I hear the construction going on is for more chain stores!! I was happy to see my favorite deli Amato's is still there but hear it is now called GAmato's. Haven't had a chance to go in yet but was wondering if anyone can tell me ~ are they just as good as they always were? I see they now do pizza too. Also, what is Bentleys about ~ I see they are a sandwich shop. What about Fredericks? Someone said their quality went downhill but their prices went uphill? Appreciate any info.

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  1. I prefer Dutch Epicure to Fredericks. Funny, I never go to Amato's--it seems to be more of a sandwich shop now, used to have a good meat dept and prepared food. Where is Bentleys? I drive down Amherst St every day and can't place it.

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      Bentley's Roast Beef, they are (going towards Lowes) on the right just after the light at Joyey's dinner and before you get to Lowes.
      Can't say I've ever stopped there.

      I always want to try the pizza at Amato's, but have yet to do so. A couple of years ago, I did stop in for some veal, and they told me they were brining in a NY pizza guy, but darn if I have stopped in since to test the Pizza.

      I actualy used to love Ciro's, so sad they are long gone. They did a great thin crust pizza and a pretty good salad too. That is all I ever got there, but I can't find pizza anything like it anymore in the Nashua area. Darn it!

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        Ah yes--I went to Bentley's when it was a hot dog place, haven't been back. Here are some additional places on Amherst Street that I like: JD Beaners makes a nice panini, Jake's has great ice cream, and Euro Deli has a good selection of German cold cuts and sausages. Going toward Nashua, Lilac Blossom is good Chinese, India Palace is excellent, Merlion Asian Market has an extensive selection of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Viet, etc groceries, and Cedars in Somerset Plaza makes a nice falafel. Cucina Toscana and Thon Khao (Italian and Thai) are right next to each other across from Bldg 19.

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        Thought you'd like to know....

        Last week a few of us from work went to Bentleys and THAT was a sandwich shop and not a very good one, it was just ok. Yesterday we went to Amatos and have to say it was AWESOME. Some of us had pizza, which was so incredibly delicious & huge slices. One guy ( a big guy) ordered this calzone w/chicken it that was so big, he could barely finish half and took the other half home for dinner, said it was so good. A couple ordered sandwiches that again were so big & filling and you knew they were made fresh. I took home a lasagna for our dinner last night and I've got to tell you ~ we are hooked. Now I know why we used to love going there so much. They changed it around since I was last in there & it looks great, have beer & wine too. The same guy Greg was there with his wife and they play off one another so well it was very entertaining. A good "mom & pop" shop if you will. My hubby & I are going back there for dinner tonight! Excellent food at great prices, definitely worth checking out.

      3. Just went to Coldstone Creamery in the strip mall next to Target--$11 for two ice creams!

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          I hear that.....a few people have told me never to go to coldstone because not only is the ice cream not that great and ridiculously priced but the owners are just plain "cold" and "stone" faced. No genuine niceness comes from them and they make you feel inadequate. Can you imagine taking a family of 4 there???

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            In New England, you can do a lot better, I'd agree.
            Plenty of options for locally produced ice cream - even in the winter..
            Not sure what is available in the immediate vicinity, but people have been raving about the ice cream at Shaw's Farm in Dracut, MA -- though that's pretty far from Amherst, NH.

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              The one time my daughter dragged me to a Cold Stone (Newton, MA), I thought the ice cream had a very artificial flavor...yuck! With so many more local options, I can't imagine ever going there again!