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Oct 25, 2007 08:41 AM

San Diego lunch in a touristy area

So, I will be stuck in a nasty convention at a Marriott Marina Hotel near the convention center. If I am at the Marriott and don't want to have lunch at the hotel, is there a recommended place within walking distance that is not overpriced, not filled with fanny pack tourists, and has great food?Not picky either on types of food. It could be a fabulous cheeseburger or sandwich, a fresh salad, authentic Mexican, or anything else that is deemed mouthwateringly good. Fancy or hole in the wall is fine. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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  1. I earlier posted a similar request and received good responses. Sorry for being repetivie but just in case anyone wants to add a response, I always enjoy reading opinions.

    1. Roast pork sandwich, if you don't want the pumpernickle havarti grilled cheese...

      Kebab House. Ninth just North of Market. Excellent doner kebabs $5.

      Nordstrom Cafe in Horton Plaza.

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        Yum.. I recieved a number of responses in favor of the cheese shop. Looks like that is exacty where I will go. I love roast pork and I love deli food. If I go to Horton Plaza I will be sure to check out Dobson's or Nordstrom Cafe. Is Candela's more of a dinner place or a lunch place? I love good Mexican food too.

        1. re: mikey

          Just my .02, Candela's more of a dinner place, but I wouldn't eat there. I've been there twice and I'm pretty sure most of the wait staff are doing a ton of coke. Weird, but true and very offputting. Food's better at Chilango anyways and it's not terribly far from downtown if you want nice mexican.

          1. re: loothor

            Chilangos has been closed for a few months now.

          2. re: mikey

            Mexican Taco Shop: Walk down Market Street to 8th- Valentine's.

        2. The Kebab Shop down on 9th (next to Valentine's)

          1. Dobsons for lunch is great.. a bit of a walk from the convention ceneter but not bad...also Zanzibar cafe on 7th is very good.. they have just opened a new one..after their PB style..