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Oct 25, 2007 08:32 AM

620 Cafe & Bakery in Round Rock

Has anyone tried this place out?

I'm looking for a nice lunch spot that is within a reasonable to drive for both friends working at Dell (intersection of 35 and 45) and near Lakeline Mall. Any other suggestions?

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  1. We just had the best breakfast there, don't know about lunch.
    They serve Texas size meals.
    Food was hot, very rare to get hot poahed eggs. Corned beef hash incredible.
    Want to try for lunch too.

    1. I would try the Italian Dishes at Gino's located on Mays Street and Gattis School Road. Their lasagne is delicious. Casa Garcias just opened up on I-35N where Castaway's used to be. Extremely clean and the food is good too. Louisiana Longhorn is located in downtown and we have never been disappointed there. Main Street Grill is also in downtown and it is good. Round Rock now has our share of good restaurants.

      1. I agree about louisiana longhorn and main st grill.gumbos is also good on i-35 and 620 in round rock .im not crazy about ginos though but im a ex nyker and pikcy when comes to italian.

        1. I've been there for breakfast. It was very good and the portions are huge.