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Oct 25, 2007 08:30 AM

Chicken Parm

Am looking for a place for a sit down casual fun dinner that serves amazing chicken parm for a pregnant friend who has been craving it 24/7. She usually gets the fix in Jersey, but is coming into the city for the night.

I know it isn't high class, but it's an itch that we all need to scratch every once in a while.

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  1. Carmine's - cheesy, garlicy, enormous - the best in the world. UWS location may be a tad quieter and quicker seating for you and your friend, though going to the TSq location off-hours (eg, late lunch, early supper) works well too. Enjoy !

    1. I second CARMINE'S...I do NOT like chicken but went with a group to Carmine's in the theatre district and we shared several dishes, among them was chicken parm. The best ever....

      1. Carmine's is definitely good stuff. Another place that makes great chicken parm (also family style - an a bit less crowded than Carmine's) is Tony's DiNapoli - there's one right across Broadway and another location on the Upper East Side. Hope she enjoys her fix!

        Tony's DiNapoli - Times Square - @ the Casablanca Hotel
        147 West 43rd Street

        Tony's DiNapoli - Upper East Side
        1606 Second Avenue (@ 83rd Street)

        1. Probably too late for this post, but if your friend gets the "itch" again, a good place to scratch it is Fiorentino's on Avenue U in Brooklyn. I posted some pics of their chicken parm under New York Restaurants on Roadfood.com. I think Carmine's on Beekman Street in Lower Manhattan does a decent version as well.

          1. Nicks Pizza on the Upper East side, and The Palm serves a good Chicken Parm. She could have the cheesecake for dessert.....that should definately satisfy a pregnancy craving!

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