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Oct 25, 2007 08:25 AM

another great meal at Victoria's diner

I must say i love this place, even though I often forget about it.

Went there Monday night, not in the mood to cook.

I have always liked what they did with the decor' after the remodel a few years back. Although I would have picked out different upholstery for the booths.However I am DYING to know where they got their light fixtures from. anyhow, went in and like always greeted by a friendly waitress.
seated promptly, although there were quit a few people in there for a Monday night. Ordered quit a bit of food. New menu.
I am thrilled they have a milk shake, that was always my main complaint before, what diner doesn't have milk shakes!!???
I ordered the coffee Oreo shake, YUMMY, my fav combination.

I split a caeser salad. Nothing to write home about, but standard and solid.
Ordered breakfast, cause I could. had the California Benedict. I really like there Benedict sauce, very thick and heavy but buttery. It came with tomato and asparagus, which was fab. I ate the entire thing.
I am not a huge fan of their home fries, I like onions in mine.

the only thing I disliked, was they took my fav item off the menu, the thanksgiving dinner!. yes, exactly as it sounds. that was always my fav thing to order!

If you have not been, or have not been in a while they just changed the menu a bit and are offering alot more options. any place that serves breakfast all day makes me happy.

good diner style service, friendly, informal, good food, many menu options, and feel comfortable there and will return.

does anyone know the deal? was it bought? is that why it is changing?

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  1. I too really enjoy this place for simple stuff - it's never felt me feeling greasy.

    1. I can confirm that Victoria's changed hands a few months ago: the previous owner, who owns Mike's City Diner, said it was too time-consuming for him to manage both. One of the veteran waitresses rather philosophically confided that the place changes hands every few years but the staff stays the same; she's been there for 40 years.

      I noticed that the homefries seem to be a different formulation (they've gone from so-so to so-so in a slightly different way), and that they appear to fry the eggs in bacon fat now (which results in egg browning) instead of whatever they used before, probably soybean oil. Hard to tell much of a difference otherwise. I like it for a good cheap diner breakfast, and it's much easier to find parking than around Mike's, one of my other weekend standbys for a diner breakfast near home (Charlie's always has too long a line on Saturday, and isn't open on Sunday).

      Incidentally, I tried the nearby Liberty Diner a few weeks back, and it is every bit as worn and depressing inside as it appears from the outside. Not a terrible, disgusting greasy spoon foodwise (aside from the usual cheapie diner corner-cutting of "buttering" the toast with a soft oleo spread), but a grim, Hopperseque scene inside, including folks enjoying beers at 9am and looking ready to settle in for a while, plus some shady-looking business going on by patrons with cellphones and pagers. I think I'll stick to Victoria's when I'm around Newmarket.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        What ever happened to cooking eggs in old fashioned butter? Soybean oil, ugh. I guess bacon fat is better than oil...but not all that much.

        1. re: twentyoystahs

          I'm speculating about the previous griddle fat at Victoria's, I don't really know. Maybe some Hounds with short-order cook experience could chime in as to what is typically used?

          I personally don't like bacon fat to cook eggs in (I find the browning unattractive), though bacon fat as a component of gravy is just fine by me.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            They probably used "Whirl" which is a commercial-use-only butter 'substitute' used on griddles that resists high heat/doesn't burn. Pretty common in greasy diners and cafeteria settings.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              I love eggs in bacon fat and the ensuing browness. Then again, I like my eggs done more than most people here. No "unsolidified gross me outs" for me thank you.

          2. re: MC Slim JB

            any guess WHO bought it? I was thinking a couple of south enders since some of the new items are very bistrot?

            1. re: marthayou

              I saw the name of some other restaurant on my most recent bill at Victoria's (presumably because both places are using the same POS software), someplace I'd never heard of, that sounds like another diner.

          3. Here's the great news- starting Nov 8th they'll be open 24 hrs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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            1. re: joestrummer

              I saw that. a WAY better alternative to late night eats at south street diner. I like south street, but talk about always leaving feeling gross and greasy.

              Thanks for the liberty comments, i have actually always wondered about that place.

              strangly one of my fav. shepards pie is from a little deli rite next to vic's inseide of 1010 Mass ave.

              1. re: marthayou

                Yeah, it will also be much easier to drive and park at Newmarket.
                I hope the offer the T-day dinner as a (weekly) special.
                I'll be requesting it.

                Are the shepard's pies takeout from the deli, cold? That would be a great two-fer after hitting the diner

                1. re: joestrummer

                  So I finally stumbled upon a place to eat after my Saturday nights at Beehive in the South End. My friends and I usually don't go out to eat after a Saturday night out on the town just simply because of the food quality and service at that hour. However, this past Saturday we stumbled upon Victoria's diner and found it open late night. I must say the food quality was really good and it did not leave me feeling gross after. I must say the Mac and Cheese is a must!!

                  1. re: joestrummer

                    Nope. not cold. Get it togo and take it home or back to work.