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Oct 25, 2007 07:37 AM

Haven't seen my friend in 3 years, good catch-up place with view in LA?

Hi everyone,

Here's the deal. I have a friend who's visiting from the Philippines for a couple months, and our schedules finally allow us to meet after three years.

I live in Irvine, and I very rarely go to LA. She's staying with her brothers in Burbank, but I'm not really sure of the restaurant options there either. I'm trying to look for a place with kickass food, and I'm hoping (mostly dreaming) for a killer view as well. It's really important for the place to allow us to hear each other throughout dinner since there would be major catching up to do.

As far as cuisine goes, we're pretty open. As far as location goes, I'm just thinking that since she has to bug her brother to drop her off at the restaurant, maybe something that is not too far from Burbank would work out better for her. I don't know what halfway between Irvine and Burbank is, either, or if there are any viable options there...I am in my little OC bubble..please help!


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  1. West, atop the Hotel Angeleno is just off the 405 at Sunset in Brentwood. Gorgeous and chic setting, killer view and delicious food.

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      I haven't been but sounds like a perfect rec. Super easy for a drop off from Burbank and fairly convenient coming from the OC. And the view is supposed to be excellent while the vibe (noise) very reserved.

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        I would only recommend this to someone who is a real believer in the law of averages...West was one of the worst two or three meals i have had in LA...the view is good from the bar, but not from the tables....we sent our food back (maybe twice, i don't remember)...the service was under par...all in all, it was a lousy night...and i live on the westside--i cant imagine anyone driving from burbank, let alone OC, to go there...

    2. Takami in Downtown LA might suit your needs. The food is only adequate but certainly edible, and the view is great (although everywhere in Southern California is pretty smoky these days). And Downtown is pretty close to Burbank.

      Takami Sushi and Robata Restaurant
      811 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

      1. I can't think of a restaurant in the valley that has a view, but the restaurant at the Getty fits the bill view-wise, & the food is good. Also, it's relatively quiet, & you could take a walk around the grounds afterwards (no need to go into the museum if you don't want to, but the gardens are pretty). Maybe the brother could meet you somewhere on Sepulveda & then you could drive in together ($8 to park, btw). Have fun.

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          This is an excellent choice for all of the OP's requirements, and a very unique LA venue (but not in the stereotypical Hollywood LA sense).

          Castaway is a fantastic venue, but I've never had the food there. The view really is gorgeous at night, though.

        2. the castaways in burbank itself has a spectacular view. many on this board like to belittle the food quality, but the place has been there for at least 40 years and one major fire, and is still doing well. went to two proms there and had my own wedding reception 30+ years ago. it is very conducive to conversation.

          i would not want to deal with the traffic on the 101/405 (for west la) or the 5/2 (downtown) to simply "drop someone off".

          1. Well, most plaecs with a view are busy with people who are also enjoying the view.

            The Penthouse

            all very great views. If I had to choose one, I would choose takami.