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Oct 25, 2007 07:32 AM

5 Star Punjab in LIC still good?

I haven't been there in years. I know it's still open and was just curious if it's still good. I used to love that butter chicken dish.

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  1. I think it's worth a try if you are in or near the area. I had some very good dal and saag there recently. I prefer a little more spice. But at the very least, it is fresh-tasting and not heavy at all, and the naan is good. The menu looked a little limited to me, but I read in another post about someone requesting a dish and 5 Star being willing to improvise.

    1. It was *never* good. The place appeals on a cult basis -

      Weird location? Check.

      Oddball decor? Check.

      Cheap prices? Check.

      Great food? Nope. If it was on 6th St. it wouldn't even get mentioned. The best you can say is that it would make for decent take out.

      Full writeup here -

      1. Actually it was quite good 9 years ago when we had a studio across the street. Definitely a big step up from the 6th St. ilk, and better North Indian food than most of the Lexington Ave. cab driver places served. I haven't been back there in awhile, and did discern some decline the last couple of times I ate there after their big renovation and expansion into the catering hall business next door. But it was still better than standard Indian fare, and not left out on a steam table or chafing dishes as in so many other Indian places.

        Some dishes were always much better than others though. The trick to ordering there was to order from the small list of actual Punjabi dishes on the menu. The tawa chicken and chicken kadai were both good. Several of the vegetable preparations were also good.