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Oct 25, 2007 07:31 AM

Modo Mio

Anyone out there been to Modo Mio - a friend raved about the food?

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  1. Been there twice. First time, wonderful. Second time, even better. Very, very good food. Nice atmosphere. Cash only. BYOB. Reserve early.

    1. was there 2 weeks ago and while I loved my appetizer - salt cod - and my pasta (mushrooms, something else) I and my three dining companions all found the main course to be very over salted. We could not finish our meals as a result. I have never had that be the case before. When asked, we said it was oversalted and got no response.

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        I found a similar arrogance in their customer service as well. They made substitutions without notification and then denied that they were in fact not what was described. It aint all it's cracked up to be folks. Cafe Julianna is light years ahead in every way. Simply prepared and perfectly seasoned, fresh ingredients without any pretense. Much better value IMHO. Modo Mio needs to get over itsself.

      2. We dined there about two weeks ago. We enjoyed everything and the $30 prix fix is a real steal.