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Oct 25, 2007 07:30 AM

Fried Chicken from your grandmother's recipes

I want southern real deal recipes made with love. Also a side dish to go with it too would be great. Thanks What are there tricks?

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  1. My grandmother always cooked her chicken in Crisco shortening. I know, I know. It's shocking! Chicken pieces soaked in buttermilk and dusted (not dredged) in flour/salt/pepper/paprika mixture. Served with mashed or cream potatoes made with whole milk and fresh butter and fresh green beans seasoned with bacon grease! She and my grandfather lived until their mid-90s. Go figure . . .

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      Same here. Melted crisco or a mix of crisco & lard, or sometimes just lard. No buttermilk soak, but a liberal sprinkling of white vinegar and a coating of seasoned flour (black pepper, red pepper, salt). Fried in a skillet, not deep fried. Served alongside red beans & rice, or tiny baby green limas and rice.

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        When I first moved to the South from NY a few years back, I worked with who had grown up in very rural Sout Carolina. Her mama made chicken exactly the way sheila described. She got the recipe from her own mama who used to make it on Sunday mornings with a big ole pair of panties on her head to keep the grease of her hair! Then she'd bring a batch up to the jail for her brother every Sunday afternoon. I SWEAR this is true.

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          Oh, that's an image.r..Mawmaw w/her panties on her head, frying up Uncle Junior's jailhouse chicken.

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          Right-O Celeste. It has to be fried in a big iron skillet, not a deep fryer.

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          I see this season the flour thing all the time and find it so strange - we always season [seasoned salt & pepper] the chicken not the flour. Then again, we don't flour heavily. I tried it the other way once and the chicken just didn't seem seasoned enough to me.

          Crisco and cast iron skillet was Big Mama's choice.

        4. My gramma always used an ELECTRIC skillet and used Crisco.
          Soaked the chicken in milk, then seasoned flour (cayenne in the flour also very important)

          1. Amen to Crisco and to a big black seasoned cast iron skillet. We mixed salt and coarse ground black pepper in some flour, put it in a double strength brown paper grocery bag , then several pieces of chicken in the bag at a time and shake well. Put into hot grease. don't cover...delicious

            1. Fried Chicken, in Crisco, salt, pepper and paprika , in a black (100 year old or older) cast iron skillet. Turn often. Serve this with white rice, milk gravy (Use evaporated milk), lima beans, sliced 'maters, and hot rolls or biscuits. Drink is sweet iced tead.