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Oct 25, 2007 07:15 AM

Downtown St. Louis Lunch

I will be staying in downtown St. Louis for 2 days next week, and will be taking some clients out to lunch. I am looking for great lunch recommendations where price is not an issue. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Will you have a car? How much time will you have available? Are these out of town clients or locals? Do you want white table cloth or just great food?

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      I will have a car, and will be in St. Louis for 2 days. Clients are locals and am looking for great food, doesnt need to be white table cloth.

      1. re: mookiejg

        Maybe Copia Urban Winery one day? 1122 Washington Ave. 63101

        Iron Barley is just a few minutes south of Downtown (55 south to right on Bates, then Right on Virginia)- nice menu, interesting place.

        You may consider asking the clients. They may be Anthony's or Charlie Gitto's type folks or they may prefer grabbing a bite at Syberg's or Crown Candy or even just at the St. Louis Bread Company.

    2. I have been very impressed by the service at 400 Olive; it has a nice menu, and its location in a renovated 19th Century bank lobby makes it an interesting place to dine.

      Anthony's Bar is a nice place for lunch downtown; it is an offshoot of the classiest restaurant in town (Tony's - which does not serve lunch).

      Also, The Clark Street Grill in the Westin across from the baseball stadium is a sleek modern place.

      For details on all St. Louis restaurants:

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        Eleven Eleven Mississippi (1111 Mississippi), just a bit south and west of downtown in Lafayette Square is always a great bet for lunch