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Oct 25, 2007 07:10 AM

Chef Greggory Hill ?

So where is Chef Hill going to end up? Perhaps he's already "there" and I don't know it. His meals have always been on my favorites list.

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  1. He's in the same place. David Greggory has become Hudson, which opened this week.

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      OK - I know David Greggory became Hudson but I also thought I saw that despite earlier statements, he was leaving.

    2. Have you found Greggory Hill? If so, where is he? Thanks.

      1. He did not stay at Hudson. He hasn't landed anywhere permanent yet, but is hanging out at Landmark at The Melrose Hotel in the meantime. They are having a bacon dinner there on Tuesday night - if you're interested, call the restaurant. The information about it is on my blog -