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Oct 25, 2007 07:10 AM

duck fat in philly?

Hi CHers,

I am looking to buy duck fat (cassoulet season is upon us) in Philly, but havent found any at Reading Terminal market.

any suggestions on where to go before I head online?

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  1. Try DiBruno Bros at Rittenhouse.

    1. Try D'Angelo's in the Italian market. I bought rendered lard there the other day - he does all sorts of curing in-house and is a good bet for odds and ends you can't find elsewhere.

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        If you don't need a whole lot, you might try buying some canned duck liver and using the left over fat .... I use it to sautée baby new potatoes ...

      2. I'm not necessarily sending you back there, but some of the RTM guys are sort of 'neighborhood-y' and though they might not have any in their cases, I feel like if I struck up a conversation with the Godshall's guys they'd maybe find me some or point me in the right direction. Some vendors are sorta cool about getting you stuff that isn't on display, like when I randomly needed many pounds of short ribs one day they made it happen.

        1. try assouline & ting on delaware ave. past aramingo, they definitly have it or talk to a chef at a local restaurant and see if you can buy a pound or two.

          1. I was in di bruno's at 18th & chestnut yesterday and saw some thre. it's d'antagnan (sp?) brand. never bought it, so can't say how it stacks up against other duck fats, which i've also never bought.
            it's at the part of the store by 18th street. all the way toward 18th st, actually.

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