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Oct 25, 2007 06:59 AM

Pensacola Eats

Was in Pensacola for 1 night earlier this week. Did the tourista thing and went to McGuire's because of it's "institution" status. Very nice Porter and an interesting special Octoberfest ale that was very hoppy. That's the good news! The steak was awlfully greasy, garlic mashed potatoes seemed a bit too creamed to be the real thing. If I ever go again, I'll stick to the beer.

But did have breakfast at the Coffe Cup. Now that's a diner/dive. Fast service, smoked ham and eggs. I'm not a grits guy but the guy next to me was eatting a bowl of them and they looked pretty interesting.

On the way back to I 10, noticed a Phil's Jazz BBQ shack, anyone every eaten there? Looked like it was only opened for lunch.

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