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Restaurant around 54 and 10th area

Going to play at 54th and 10th. Looking for a restaurant that a vegetarian (eats fish) will not go hungy.

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  1. You could look into Taboon - I think it might be a couple of blocks down from there on 10th - lovely Middle Eastern food. If you go, do get the bread with feta.

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      Agreed - love this place. Fish out of their taboon oven is great and the bread outstanding

    2. A good choice for a vegetarian would be Gabriel at 59-60 and 9th (a relatively short walk in NY blocks)
      Google their menu.

        1. El Centro...great Mex on 54th and 9th

          1. Pam Real Thai on 49th btn 9th-10th Av.s is a particularly good Thai restaurant, not a hole-in-the-wall but not a place for the ambiance, either. She flies her ingredients in from Thailand.

            1. I'd go for Taboon or Il Melograno--both close and reliably good.

              El Centro is great for margaritas and...well, there's the margaritas. We've got reviews and photos of Il Melograno and El Centro on our site, if you want more info.

              Pam's good on occasion, but the place is really inconsistent.

              Good luck,


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                Agreed. El Centro really isn't that great. Shame on any "foodie" who thinks margaritas doth a good restaurant make.

              2. Haven't been there in years but I used to love Bello, northern Italian, at 56th and 9th.

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                  Bello is still going strong: gracious welcome, friendly staff and consistently good food. I especially love their liver, mussels, and salmon. Time for you to return!

                2. I always stop by Barnes & Noble to read the "Eat" section of Time Out magazine. About 3 weeks ago I noticed a short mention of a restaurant in the low 50s just off 10th Av. It was opened by a chef who used to own a fairly well-known restaurant in Italy, and it said he offered $10 lunches. Why did he leave Italy for 10 Av? the note concluded. But I forgot the name and it's not in the latest issue and I've been searching via Google for the past half hour and can't find it. Anyone know the name? It could be a winner.

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                    It's the restaurant I mentioned above: Il Melograno.


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