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Oct 25, 2007 04:58 AM

Purple Cafe and Bar in Seattle

Someone has recommended Purple Cafe and Bar in Seattle for dinner. We are going to be in Seattle with a young couple (late twenties) and want a fun place for dinner. We love wine (they are learning) and we are foodies. Would this be the place? Thanks for your help.

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  1. It is tasty, and much better than the Kirkland one (atmosphere and service), but if you aren't limited to only Seattle Financial District, there are many other options. Quite a few good wine bars with tasty food that could satisfy as dinner in Ballard (Portalis, DeVino), Wallingford (Smash), Madison Park (Impromptu).... If you do end up at Purple, end the night with a cheese flight, they usually have some wonderful choices.

    1. Purple can be great if your younger friends are learning about wine. They have some great flights that they offer based on either varietal and/or style. And the wine list is fairly broad in what it offers. They also have a nice mezza plate for a great starter. We typically go to the one in Woodinville (the original) and the Chicken Marsala there is wonderful!

      1. My issue with Purple is the staff is not very knowledgable about wines so there will be no learning to be had. I would go to Smash or Portalis instead.

        1. If you want to go somewhere where the young couple can try different wines while nibbling on some appetizers, then Purple is ok, but I would not recommend it for food. I find the food inconsistent and mediocre (hard-as-rocks scallops and greasy appetizers). I think Lark, Eva, or Stumbling Goat is a lot more fun and the servers are knowledgeable about their wines.

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            I'll second the Stumbling Goat, absolutely AMAZING staff... along with great food and wine :)

          2. I work near Purple and it's not even our first choice for happy hour. It's very ordinary. Bricco on top of Queen Anne has interesting food and wine.