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Oct 25, 2007 03:03 AM

2 weeks in Montreal area

Hello :-) i'm currently going through the wonderful past posts here and copying info for reference.. Will be coming next week and gone stay in Dorval airport area(will have car).. Would be glad to get tips about very good eating places in that area and of course inside Montreal. I'm not sure i will visit many fancy places, maybe one or two, less because of price issue but more because my target is casual dressing and paying more for food and less for decor :-) Also not sure i will be able to make reservations enough in advance..
So any recommendations for solid places, variying cuisins, which probably don't require reservations for evening and are "lone diner" friendly, will be highly appriciated.

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  1. You need to get some Brasseries in ya! The Brasserie12 (I think it the 12BarGrill now) in Lachine on 32nd Ave. not far from you. Great food, prices and beers. The Dorval Tarvern in the village, same thing as the 12. There is an Italian restaurant across the street. Barbies restaurant in Dorval as well has great Smoked Meat, Piazza Romana, in Pointe Claire on Lakeshore mmmm., BARB-Barn on Sources Rd, in DDO great chicken and Ribs, Ristorante Tevere in Ste Genevieve for great Italian and affordable. Chenoys on St Johns Rd for Smoked Meat yummy, Il Fornetto Restaurant on Lakeshore (St Joseph) in Lachine close to you, great right on the Lachine canal. In fact there are many new restaurants there. Really a nice place to eat and go for a walk before going back to the hotel. Mommy Fish N Chips on 32nd Ave, Lachine. Le Manoir Brasserie on St Johns Rd. Pointe Claire. Yummy!

    On the weekend hit St Anne de Bellevue, drive up down Lakeshore and you'll see many cool things to do and places to eat.

    Of course there is the city as well.....

    Ok as you can see, I listed affordable comfortable places. Have a great time!

    1. I won't post some snarky response (much as I'd love to...) but the OP did say he was looking for "good food". There are plenty of places that have been mentioned on this board in the past while, and I can't think of too many places in Montreal that are not "lone diner" friendly - it's quite common to see people dining by themselves, often kept company by a good book, and most restaurants will treat you no differently than if you're with a group. And for one person, it's probably fairly easy to get a seat in most places without a reservation - even au Pied de Cochon (at the bar) - which I would recommend for a solid place with great atmosphere, and a wonderful example of a restaurant you can find only in Montreal, as opposed to an ordinary chain resto that you could find in any suburb. If you head out to Sources, there are some very good Indian places (Bombay Choupati is highly recommended). Dress code-wise, unless you're in really scruffy jeans and track shoes, or going to one of the tonier places in town, you shouldn't have a problem. A good site to check out is An Endless Banquet ( for their Montreal Food Guide. I'll leave it up to others to post more suggestions.

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        Go snarky! He is staying near the airport.... I give up! The same old posts, Pied de Cochon..... gimme a break!

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          Thanks to both of you, good info :-) May i ask also if someone can give tips on what is the best place to explore ice wines in Montreal area - maybe a place that offers tasting of interesting selections and possible buying afterwads in good prices? thanks..

          1. re: oferl

            Good luck with that. Ice wine in mainly produced in the Niagara region of Ontario and the selection available at our SAQ outlets (governement controlled alcohol retail monopoly, is pretty slim and the tastings are non existant. But you could drop by the Marché des Saveurs du Québec at Jean-Talon market for a fine selection of ice cider. I don't know about tastings though.

            Also, I don't know exactly what you mean by good prices but ice wine doesn't come cheap. The cheapest are around $40 for half a bottle and the top bottlings offered here hover around $70.

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              I second campiofiorin's suggestion about ice cider, you'll have much better luck with that in Quebec, and they are very good.

              I also second the Bombay Choupati suggestion. fabulous dosa...

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                If you'll have a car and have time for a little side trip, you might want to check out Vergers Lafrance up in St-Joseph du Lac (about 30 min. from the airport) . I went apple-picking there last weekend (wonderful apples!) and they also make several kinds of hard cider - including ice cider - and have free tastings in their little store. We picked up a bottle of their "cuvée spéciale", as well as a bottle of unalcoholized sparkling apple cider.


                Oh, and the freshly-made cinnamon beignets are indeed worth the lineup as someone in another thread mentioned!

            2. re: oferl

              I'm going too keep this brief as my longer post didn't seem to take.
              Vices & Versa bistro du terroir ( ).
              Has a great and ever changing selection of Quebec microbrews, as well as many ciders and ice ciders, honey wines, and liquers. Tuesday nights they have traditional Quebecois folk music, which might be a fun thing for a tourist. They serve food, but it's nothing special. The emphasis here is on unique, locally produced alchohol.

              Vices & Versa Bistro Du Terroir
              6631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2S, CA