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Your favorite/not so favorite discontinued items

Ah i was having flashbacks a second ago about particular fast food items that no longer exist. Particuarly Jack in the box. Anyone remember the chimichangas they used to have? i was addicted!...the philly cheesesteak was awesome too...how about the teriyaki bowls?. it seems like the stuff they sold back then is way better than what they are putting out now. Ugh remember when Mc donalds had hot dogs?...if i remember correctly they also had chicken wings? yuck. although they can bring back the FRIED apple pies...luckily i live in downey,CA theres one Mcdonalds that still carries them,burns your mouth everytime!

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  1. Twenty five or thirty years ago, Jack in the Box used to make burritos that were deep fried soft.

    They weren't the consistency of a taquito. They were the consistency of an eggroll -- soft -- but were made out of a tortilla not a wrapper.

    If anyone knows of a place that makes something like that (I'm in L.A.) I'd like to know.

    I also miss the bell beefer from Taco Bell, though I've found a few places in L.A. that make a tacoburger, including the Centinela Cafe.

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      PaulF, you're in luck living in L.A. (in this instance, anyway). Check out this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/74211
      To paraphrase, Taco Bell on Peck St. in El Monte still has BellBeefers. Old posts on that same thread say that the TBs in Fillmore and Ventura also have them, as well as the one in Bishop, if you're out that way.

      1. i liked when mcdonald's kept "the hot side hot and the cool side cool" with the akward long styrene container for the mc dlt.

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          I loved the McDLT! And as one poster said, the fried apple pies.

        2. Okay, I have a whole list. Anybody remember any of these good old items? I wonder if there is anything we can do to bring them back? I know there has been a 'bring back the Bell Beefer' campaign going on in L.A. (KROQ) for years! Anyway, I miss:

          1, the taco pizza from Shakey's (I actually miss Shakey's too, I think they are all franchises now) if I could find the recipe, I would make it myself.
          2. the chili cheese dog's from Carl's Jr.
          3. the roast beef sandwich with an ortega chile from Carl's Jr.
          4. the fried burritos from Carl's Jr.
          5. the ribs from KFC
          6. the hot ham and cheese from Jack in the Box
          7. the taco salad from Jack in the Box
          8. the secret sauce from Jack in the Box
          9. the taquitos with quacamole from Jack in the Box

          and I agree that the stuff from the past seemed so much tastier!

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            Pretty sure you can still ask for secret sauce but it's in packets now. Mmm... on those 99 cent double cheeseburgers...

          2. Morton's Honey Buns! Oh I miss those, they were a special treat in my house growing up.

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              wait, are you talking about the frozen ones you get in the supermarket? probably doesn't belong on this thread, but I DO remember those! (No wonder I have so many fat cells as an adult! )

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                Mcdonalds about 10 years or so ago did a promotion for the Disney film, "Mulan." That promotion consisted of many different promo food items as well as a special Szechwaun dipping sauce for their Mcnuggets. I REALLY want that back! I used to just go there specially for the sauce in which I froze at home!

                Another thing, remember when Little Ceasar's Pizza was more then what it is today? Remember when it was part of the big chains i.e. Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns. They had this pizza by the foot thing and it was simply amazing.

                The old Subway way of cutting their sandwiches. I know you can ask for it, but most do it wrong now cause they were never trained on it. Another thing I miss from Subway the Salsa Chicken Sub. It was around for like 6 months, I had it at least 5 times a week!

                I'll just say one restaurant I miss... Rax

                Remember Houlihans? They used to be pretty good until they almost went bankrupt and scaled back to a few places.

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                You have validated a claim I've put out there to my friends for years....these existed in real life, not just in my imagination. Those were the bomb...as were their glazed donuts. FYI, though it's not entirely the same, Trader Joes makes some microwavable jelly filled donut holes that are reminiscent of the Morton's product.
                Also, the first time I had a hot Krispy Kreme donut I remember saying "these are JUST like those Morton's ones my mom used to make in the 1970's".

              3. Does anyone else remember when some Wendy's had buffets? Those were the days...

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                  You mean the super salad bars? Those I miss.

                  1. re: coney with everything

                    The one I went to had stuff to make tacos, too...

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                    When I was in college, we'd always end up at Wendy's after swim and track meets because it was about the only place we could manage on our meal money that was somewhat vegetarian-friendly, and the reason for that was the Super Bar and its salads and pastas.

                    They also had really good chocolate pudding there.

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                      Oh, I remember the Super Bar. Haven't seen that in years.... which is sad because it was the best thing about Wendy's.

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                      The ones out by me did too. They had salad and taco fixings.

                    3. I loved the Pizza Hut Priazzo Milano when I was in college.

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                        or the big new yorker from pizza hut

                        1. re: flyerfan182

                          The Pizza Hut triple decker pizza.
                          Talk about a heart attack in a box.... but it sure was good.

                      2. Jack in the Box changed their Chicken Supreme from a yummy round shaped one to an oblong one and obviously something in the recipe too. Screwed it right up if you ask me. Liked that round version in high school on occasion, and when they redesigned it, that was it...

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                          I worked at JIB in high school 20 some years ago, and yes, the Chicken Supreme was MUCH better then! it was on a whole wheat bun and had jack and cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. And the hot ham and cheese was a huge favorite! the breads were so much better then! now they all taste the same. I remember Subway used to cut a 'wedge' out of the middle of the roll. I've never heard of Rax, but I do remember Houlihan's. I loved the Irish coffee there. OMG, and the Priazzo from Pizza Hut! there's a blast from the past!

                          1. re: paso_gurl_100

                            I don't ever remember McDonald's having hot dogs. But why do they keep taunting us with that McRib!

                            1. re: Firegoat

                              The breeze at Dairy Queen! It was basically the blizzard, but made with their fantastically tangy frozen yogurt that is now no more... I worked there in high school and ate my weight in that stuff, either in the form of a breeze or a rootbeer freeze.

                              1. re: almccasland

                                Agree about the Breeze. Why on earth would they get rid of it?!

                                1. re: ArikaDawn

                                  maybe we didn't go often enough...

                                  1. re: Emme

                                    I would think that they made enough money off the breeze from my purchases alone! ;}

                                    Actually, I wonder if it died with the low-fat fad and the birth of the low-carb....

                                    1. re: almccasland

                                      i really do miss it a lot. their fro yo really had a unique vanilla-y creaminess that you don't find often elsewhere... maybe if we all petition it'll come back... silly low carb fad.

                                      1. re: Emme

                                        If you start a petition, let me know where to sign. There fro-yo was one of the few that actually had a bit of a yogurty tang to it. I'm getting all depressed. Going to have to churn out some of my own fro-yo to sooth my soul...

                          2. re: Emme

                            I totally miss JITB's chicken supreme -- that was my favorite post-party snack when I was in high school. They don't even have the oblong one on the menu any more.

                            At least they haven't messed with the tacos.

                          3. Burger King's YUMBO, which lived for the blink of an eye and has been extinct lo these 30 years. Sliced ham, American cheese, and mayo on a sesame seed bun, all served warm. Mmmmm.

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                            1. Favorite item is the pizza oven. Pizza Hut used to have a really good thin crust pizza. The conveyor belts chains use have rendered them inedible, in my opinion. I've sworn off chains and only go, yes no delivery to sit down pizza with real ovens.

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                                amen to that. the only way to make most takeout pizza worth a damn is to take it home and put it on a preheated pizza stone for about 5-10 minutes. it's not the same as if the pizza chains still used ovens, but it'll do in a pinch.

                              2. Wow I haven't thought about the chimichangas from JIB in forever. I miss Carl's Jr. crinkle fries and anything from Naugles, particularly the meat and cheese burrito and taco-in-a-cup.

                                1. I'm sure I could come up with so many more if I thought about it:

                                  Jack in the Box Turkey Jack - OMG this was an awesome Turkey burger that they only served for a brief window but I thought I was single handedly buying enough to keep them on the menu

                                  McDonald's Arch Deluxe - I think I'm the only one that liked this burger

                                  Baja Fresh Torta - I had never had a torta before this one, and as a (very) regular Baja Fresh eater I eventually tried everything on the menu and fell in love with this menu item shortly before they discontinued it. Figures.

                                  Chili's Honey Grilled Caribbean Pita - Thankfully they still have the Grilled Caribbean Salad so I can get them to make me the pita but it's such a pain making the special order. It's worth it though!

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                                  1. Wendy's pepper jack bacon cheeseburger. This was never a full-time menu item, but they would bring it back every so often as one of the rotating specials. (The regular menu was much smaller then too.) It would be so easy to have this on the menu I would think. I don't think there was a special sauce to it or anything, just pepper jack cheese instead of regular. Makes a big difference. I can still remember the Dave Thomas commercial where he's talking to the cheese guy. Best ever pitchman who was actually founder/exec of the company. (Most of them suck, just look at the Sprint guy right now).

                                    1. A regular stand-by for me on super-busy evenings when I didn't want to cook, was the Wendy's spring mix salad, which has been discontinued. They also discontinued the flatbread wraps they used to have, and I used to enjoy the greek one. Wendy's appears to be on the one-track to alienate anyone who's not a meat eater.

                                      McDonald's had a roasted vegetable sub for a while that was actually edible....they still have subs I think, but ditched the RV one.

                                      I love A&W onion rings still, but I remember them best when they first came out, and were shaken with a sweet and salty seasoning salt type mix, that seems to be absent now.

                                      For the posters who commented on the DQ Breeze....I can't remember the name of it, but I used to order something that was half soft serve and half slushie blended together...it was soooo good. Never on the menu, but they'd still make it, and maybe still do. I think they've discontinued some of the Blizzard flavours I used to like such as the hawaiian or tropical, whatever it was.....and the german chocolate. I haven't been to DQ in ages and ages., so i don't know for sure.

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                                      1. re: im_nomad

                                        I LOVED the Wendy's flatbread wraps! That was all I would eat there when they carried them.

                                        I miss the McDLTs.

                                        1. re: im_nomad

                                          The 1/2 soft-serve/ 1/2 Mr. Misty blend was called a Mr. Misty Freeze. We never made many of them, though. And I really loved the German chocolate and chocolate-covered cherry Blizzards - I always thought they required more skill than just dumping candy bits on top of a cup of ice cream.
                                          I still miss McD's Arch Deluxe with the dijonaise sauce, and the old A&M menu with the Papa and Mama and Teen and Baby burger and yeah, Pizza Hut pizza when it was still baked in a real oven. The crust just isn't the same anymore.

                                        2. I used to love the chicken "fajitas" on the McDonald's menu. Nothing close to fajitas but good for what they were.

                                          Obviously, the McRib...

                                          Also anything from ChiChi's, especially their sweet corn cake....