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Oct 24, 2007 09:42 PM

GOOD beef stock from back ribs?

I've tried making beef stock a few times with other beef bones/scraps, but the flavor hasn't been all that great, given the time spent. I really don't like instant beef stock alternatives, though.

Local market has ribs on sale for $.99/lb. Think they'd make tasty stock? Maybe mixed with other bones or stew meat, or?

I'd really appreciate ideas/opinions/methods you'd be kind enough to share.

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  1. Forgive me, please, but I'm 'bumping' this post in hopes that someone makes a GOOD beef stock from scratch and is willing to share how s/he does it. Cheap rib bones or not. I'd really like to get a handle on this...

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      For rich flavor roast the ribs or other bones first. I always add a generous amount of red wine. I found my beef stock much improved when I added heart. Skim fat from the stock as it rises to the surface, but I'm not overly attentive about it. Veg needn't be much work, halve onions and garlic, carrots and celery lengthwise. Taste it as you go. When it smells best it's over cooked.

      1. re: dishchrista

        Thanks for the ideas, dishchrista, I can definitely see how the heart would help boost the flavor.