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Oct 24, 2007 09:23 PM

Nova Express. What the?

Can anyone explain the oddity that is Nova Express on Fairfax between Beverly & Melrose?

This bizarre, green, sci-fi themed cafe keeps the most irregular hours and never seems to have more than a customer or two at a time when it is open.

What do they serve? Is it edible? And how have they stayed in business all these years?

Who's got the scoop?

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  1. It's a completely bizarre place with a bit of a cult following. It's very dark with lots of lava lamps and tons of massive glow in the dark kitsch. At one point it used to stay open all night, not sure if that's still the case. It gets busy after 1am on weekends.

    The menu is a mish mash of all kinds of different stuff, I haven't tried any of it. I remember that the menu featured pizza, empanadas, focaccia and some cajun stuff too, all served on UFO plates. The names of the menu items are quite amusing too (IIRC, sandwiches are called Galactic Neutrinos or something like that)

    Here's their website

    1. It's been years since I've gone there, and with good reason. The food at Nova Express makes Canter's across the street seem like The French Laundry. It's really terrible stuff one would find slapped together in a college coffeehouse. Even the coffee is pretty bad. The location and the hours are the draw, really.

      In short, if you're not a comic book geek who loves drinking bad lattes at 3:00 A.M. while staring at a painting of a bug-eyed alien lit by a black light, there's really no reason to go to Nova Express.

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        I would beg to differ. I love Nova for the weirdness that it is. Yeah, the food isn't outstanding, but it's not that bad. The hours are great and it offers a very unique environment, and I am not a comic book geek by any means. The jalapeno pizza is actually decent (very spicy-jalapenos are fresh) and their assortment of fresh fruit shakes (banana, canteloupe, blueberry,...) is really good. I guess I like the time-warp feel. The menu has a lot of veggie options for those so inclined. I don't go there much, but it's a fun late-night spot with better "fast" food than other nearby late night options.