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Oct 24, 2007 09:09 PM

barbecued beef ribs

I will be in san antonio next week staying at FT Sam Houston. I am looking for barbecued beef ribs. I have reviewed the message boards and plan on going to city market in luling. Do they carry beef ribs and are they worth trying? If not are there any other places I can try?

Does anyone have any comments on McBees in pleasonton?


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  1. I don't believe City Market in Luling has beef ribs - I've never had them, anyway. Gonzales Food Market is noted for it's beef ribs and sausages.

    It's just half a block from the Courthouse in the center of town. Gonzales is an interesting town with lots of history.

    Edit: I just perused their site and they also have lamb ribs.

    1. I was at City Market in Luling last week, and the only rib option is pork ribs. But, you have to understand that these pork ribs are absolutely the BEST ribs I have experienced in my nearly 54 years here on this earth. Pure goodness. I took one bite and said "Sweet mother of all that is good and wholesome. What angel prepared these ribs?" You might derive that I was impressed. Yes indeedy. The fatty brisket was also marvelous, but the lean brisket was a little tough - my fault for ordering lean. I didn't try the sausage. It was so good that we went back the next day for an encore and it was maybe better than the first day.

      Beef ribs? We don't need no stinkin' beef ribs!!!



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        I think your reaction is typical of people who visit City Market in Luling for the first or umpteenth time. It was mine except that I didn't neglect my responsibility as a Texan to try the sausage, too (lol). It is my favorite bbq joint in the state, no other does all three of the traditional meats of Texas bbq - ribs, brisket, sausage - so well. Others do one or two of them perhaps but not all three.

      2. I had to make a trip to SAT this past week and went thru Gonzales to try the Food Mkt. In the meantime I had been advised that their sausages are really their best item. I passed on the beef ribs but did get the sausage and lamb ribs and both were very good. The sausage is hamburger grind, natural casing, very juicy but a little underseasoned to my taste. They sell their spice mix but there was none on the table. The links are plump and kind of stubby. Sauce is in squeeze bottles on the tables so you don't have to tell them to put it on the side; I had only a slight taste - it wasn't needed for either the links or ribs. I've had mutton ribs at Ruthie's in Navasota and was not impressed but these lamb ribs were very good; maybe a little too much salt in the rub and no apparent smoke ring (both ribs and sausage had mild smokiness), very meaty but with lots of fat that you could avoid eating if it's not to your taste. The sides were a creamy, almost soupy, mac 'n cheese and canned green beans.

        The place was packed. It's very clean inside. There's a lot of food to choose from.

        While the sausage is not the equal of City Market in Luling (just 40 miles up 183?), Black's or Louie Mueller's IMO it's still very good and this is one of the few places where you can also get lamb and beef ribs.

        I expect to be back over that way again in the next week and a half or so and will hit it again and will have no hesitation to have the sausage and lamb ribs again.

        1. I'll probably get bashed -- County Line

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            could you please comment more on county line. where is it? what are the hours and do you like anything besides beef ribs there?

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              There are several locations around the state. I'm in Austin, close to lots of serious bbq options (and trust me, I've tried most of them) and still think the County Line can put out some serious bbq. ChowHound food snobs will probably hate on me because CL is a "chain" because they have many locations around Texas.

              Beef Ribs are HUGE and legendary, I particularly enjoy the smoked turkey breast as well.
              From the CL website:

              San Antonio (I10)
              (I-10 West) between Wurzbach and Huebner
              (210) 641-1998

          2. I've got two Fort Sam area recos. They are both south of the post, and the most direct route will take you out of the Walter's Street gate. Stop number one is a convenience store on the NE corner of Walters and Houston. Weekends put the pit and pit master on Walters, smoking everything from ribs to chicken. Good fare. Not great, but good.

            Continue south on Walters to Rigsby. Take a left on Rigsby and head down the hill to Roland Ave. Where Roland, Rigsby and Pecan Valley merge, is a place called The Smokehouse. It used to be Bob's, but since Bob died, the place in now just The Smokehouse. Good Q, good ribs, and a damned fine brisket sandwich. It is closed on Monday.

            Both of these places are in the tradition of East Side SA Q...something I grew up eating. You won't be blown away, and you certainly won't be disappointed; you also won't be eating Bill Miller or County Line industrial Q.

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              There's Davila's BBQ in Seguin and they also have one in New Braunfels.In fact they do have a website and have lamb,will have to check on the beef.They are on I think US.HWy90 where it runs through town in Seguin.Haven't tried them yet.
              There is also a McBee's in New Braunfels near the Albertson's.
              Don't know about the beef ribs.There is also Texas Pride BBQ out near Adkins and St.Hedwig on the LaVernia Rd.
              Davila's moved to 380 North Highway 123,Seguin,Tx.