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Oct 24, 2007 09:07 PM

Do you know Café Beaujolais / Eagle Rock

I need the skinny on Café Beaujolais in Eagle Rock. I'm taking a group to Eagle Rock this Saturday night, and they all want to go here. I never heard of it and once again I rely on my Chowhound Brothers and Sisters for advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Cafe Beaujolais
    1712 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

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    1. re: maxzook

      Wow - thanks maxzook - you came through like a champ. Looking forward to Café Beaujolais.

    2. I like Café Beaujolais. It's one of Eagle Rock's best. The food is very rich though and not a great place for veggies. I would recommend the steak or the halibut. both great. I love the onion soup too. Come early and swing by The Chalet for a pre-dinner cocktail or go for a glass of wine at the Colorado Wine Company.

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      1. re: tag heuer

        great advice. halibut for me. THKS.

      2. I love Cafe Beaujolais for exactly what it is - an unpretentious good French Bistro. The wait staff is great. It is generally loud so be forewarned. Things not to be missed in my opinion are the escargot, the Roquefort and endive salad, the onion soup, the steak frite, the halibut, the sole almandine, and the rack of lamb. Not all at once of course.

        For desert - they have a nice array that they will bring by on a tray and show you but once they said the magic word - profiteroles - that was it. Not to be missed (and I am not a desert person). Perfect end to a great meal in a warm place. Enjoy.

        1. I eat here on a fairly regular basis as the spot to meet friends for a "nice" dinner. The food has always been well-prepared and tasty and the service attentive (by hunky French waiters). Last time there, I had a special of trout stuffed with salmon mousse in puff pastry. It was delish.

          1. i second the hunky waiters, halibut and the filet.

            whatever the soup is, (mostly veggie purees) they're always good.

            the spinach salad rules.