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Oct 24, 2007 08:57 PM

Anybody ever made caramel apple quarters?

Looking for an unusual Halloween buffet dessert item....

We live in a big Halloween neighborhood and get lots of friends/neighbors passing through for a quick nosh. I love the taste of caramel apples, but that would be too ambitous to eat on the run. Has anyone ever submerged apple quarters in caramel and served w/a toothpick? Would that work? Thanks!

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  1. i think the wet edges might pose a problem. maybe you could try those tiny crab apples? i find them really tasty.

    1. There was a recent similar discussion involving making mini caramel apples cut with a melon baller. I think the final successful options include dipping in chocolate to seal and then into caramel, or dusting with rice flour before dipping in the caramel.

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        Thanks so much for all your advice. This sounds a bit more complicated than I had hoped but better to know in advance. Am on the lookout for crabapples. Happy Halloween!

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          I agree with a sealant of sorts, but I would just pat the slices, then dip in a plate of white or brown sugar, let set for a few minutes then coat in caramel and let set up fully.

        2. I used to use Marzetti's caramel sauce in the tub, peel and slice apple wedges sprinkled with Fruit Fresh or lemon juice and let everyone dip their own slices. You can serve chopped peanuts, jimmies, chocolate shavings etc. on the side so everyone can pick their own pretties. I miss that....

          1. A good quality honey also makes a great and simple dip for apple quarters.