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Oct 24, 2007 08:52 PM

Any news on the La Mill Coffeehouse?

I drove down Silver Lake Boulevard about two weeks ago, and, speeding by, I think I caught a glimpse of where the proposed La Mill Coffeehouse is supposed to be. It was the only storefront in the largely residential neighborhood with what looked like construction boarding around it. Does anyone in the neighborhood know what the story is? Was I even looking at the right place? It was set to open this month, but I've heard nothing.

Of course, if I was right about the location, this place is going to be an enormous cluster**** of parking headaches. Intelligentsia's street parking and the minimal Sunset Junction lot will seem like a suburban Texas Super Wal-Mart in comparison. The street on the midmorning Saturday was wall-to-wall cars, not an open spot in sight, and I believe that, from my Spaceland visits, this is one of those draconian permit parking neighborhoods. Combine this with a lack of public transportation on Silver Lake, unlike the easy ten-minute walk from Vermont/Santa Monica Red Line Station for Intelligentsia. Unless La Mill is squirreling away a large parking lot back there or will have a valet, this should largely find itself exclusively the province of the locals.

Any word on what's happening with La Mill would be appreciated. As their website has no mention of it, they don't seem to be in much of a hurry to advertise it.

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  1. They're advertising for cooks on Craigslist, so it seems like opening should be fairly soon -- sometime in November. There is some parking in back, but not a ton, so you're right, it will probably be crazy. We ate at Michelangelo's recently and the people eating outside are treated to a nonstop traffic jam. However I think the permit parking doesn't kick in until after 11 at night.

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      La Mill does indeed have parking in the back of the building for, if I'm correct, upwards of 20 spots...that doesn't ease the gridlock known to hit Silverlake on the weekends, but it does give you incentive to get their earlier in the day for a coveted spot.

      As for ETA, be patient young jedi's...La Mill will be opening in a matter of weeks. I have it on good authority that the plans are in the works for the usual sort of pre-opening press/party/event, just like a normal restaurant would, or for that matter, just like Intelligentsia did.

      If you want a more detailed answer of when they are opening, perhaps you could call the corporate office at 626-202-0100 and beg and plead for specifics.

      I suppose with all the varieties of coffees, espressos and other beverages that will be available, along with the food, the gridlock won't seem so bad :)

      1. re: peanut112

        Drove by earlier today the construction boarding was down and I saw people inside setting things up, though it still looked very spartan....