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Oct 24, 2007 08:52 PM

Great shake-shack-like burger anywhere near Providence?

OK, so the "Best Burger in Providence" thread didn't really work for me. I'm wondering, is there a place that makes a really great, classic burger anywhere within roughly 30 minutes of Providence? I'm thinking something kind of like Shake Shack in NYC, but it doesn't need to be be run by a fancy restauranteur, it just needs to taste great, be nice and juicy and messy, and thoroughly satisfying.

Of course great fries and shake help too, but I'll try to keep my dreams in check.

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  1. Not to my knowledge. Stanley's would be the closest thing, and thats not even the same. Something like Shake Shack or Pop Burger would be great around here. Also, (and I hate to say it) Johnny Rockets does fall under that category, and I happen to be a fan in the burger department...

    1. I don't know what kind of burger you're referring to (Shake Shack?) but I must say, I've always thought Chelo's had excellent burgers.

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        amen - chelo's makes great burgers. cheesecake factory as well.

        1. re: sk3

          Oh, I never had a CF burger....I could imagine them being good.

        2. re: JaneRI

          Sorry, I guess I incorrectly assumed that most Chowhounders might have heard of Shake Shack. It's a fairly famous hamburger stand in Manhattan. It's in Madison Park and operated by Danny Meyer (Union Sq Cafe, 11 Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, on and on).

          The type of burger they serve is what I would consider the platonic ideal of a fast-food or snack bar burger. What you always wish it would taste like, but it never does. There are other places that do this kind of burger as well, but none are as famous or totemic as Shake Shack. Stylistically, they actually do resemble a Johnny Rocket's burger, i have to admit, the difference being that they're just unbelievably good, always perfectly moist and charred, well melted cheese, excellent, soft, toasted bun. I can't keep typing about them or I'll get too hungry. I'm attaching a photo too, just for reference.

          Please keep in mind, I'm saying within roughly 30 minutes drive of Providence too, not just right in and around.

          1. re: celeriac

            Stanley's may not be a Shake-Shack burger but they are messy and delicious.

            For a good, charbroiled and juicy burger you can rely on the Beef Barn in North Smithfield.

            1. re: Sean

              Yeah, Stanley's is the right tone, and I do like them, but they're too thin and too close to an actual fast food burger to be what I'm seeking--the platonic ideal of a fast food burger. I haven't been to Beef Barn yet--the name scares me, I think--so I'll look into it.

              Maybe I'm looking for something that just isn't here, or maybe I'm just needlessly duplicating an existing thread, I don't know...

              1. re: celeriac

                Beef Barn burgers ROCK - as a northern RI girl, I should have thought of them. Please tell me what you think after you try them.

            2. re: celeriac

              It's a little more upscale then you seem to want, but I had an excellent burger at 3 Steeple St., similar to what you're describing.

              1. re: winedude

                You can check out the Beef Barn here:

                I have always had a very good burger at, believe it or not, at the Friendly's on Reservoir ave in Cranston. Not to thick, very moist and juicy on a fresh, sesame seed bun with a side of crispy, not greasy, fries. Now I am getting hungry again...

          2. I've always been a fan of the burgers at Meatball Mikes in Cranston. Good beer, too.